Oct 11, 2012

Ménage à Quatre

A few years ago I  was blessed to take part in a show with my good friends Siggy and Bob, a husband and wife team, both painters, both internationally renown, both extraordinary people who breath art almost every moment of their waking life.

Siggy, a delightful German who spends a lot of time in Tuscany doing Tuscan things, came up with the title for that show.

It was called Ménage à Trois - a title I thought quite innocent until I noticed a visiting French artistes' sudden shortness of breath as she explained the title to one of her less worldly Australian counterparts.

Hmm I thought, I wonder what she thinks Siggy and Bob and Andrew get up to!

So this year in mid-November, my wife and I will be showing with Bob and Siggy at the same gallery.

Of course the show is Ménage à Quatre... :)

These are a few of the paintings I have been working up for the show. Acrylic on canvas.

You can read about Sieglinde Battley here if you like. And also here
And Robert Birch has his site here. I'd highly recommend taking a look at Bob's sketchbook!

Bob was my painting teacher when I studied Fine Art at college. I am blessed to be his friend.

I made another post featuring Bob and Siggy a while back. It has the Newspaper reviews of Ménage à Trois. The post is here if you would like to read it.

I am so sorry I had my comments turned off. I didn't realise what a frustrating pain it was until I visited a friend's blog today and I had to hunt around to leave a comment.

Thank you for coming to my blog.


  1. hi art :) I have a penchent for art(i)chokes

    1. me too, especially artichoke hearts in oil :)

  2. Je suis contente de pouvoir te laisser un commentaire. Quelle agréable surprise de découvrir de si belles oeuvres. Une peinture qui me fait penser à celle de Jean-Albert Carlotti, un peintre lyonnais dont je possède plusieurs de ses oeuvres, avec bien évidemment une touche et une palette personnelles.
    Liens de Jean-Albert Carlotti : http://www.artpraye.com/-Carlotti-.html

    Une grande force et une harmonie de couleurs extraordinaire. Un travail exceptionnel. Une exposition à laquelle j'aimerais bien assister.

    J'ai hâte de recevoir les échos...
    Je te fais de gros bisous

  3. Oh wow! It is so amazing to see the varieties of an artist's style different media. If you displayed this with your digital work, who would know that they were made by the same artist? I find that refreshing. It's like having another Andrew Finnie. I can choose the one with whom to hang out, except I have both and who nows many others. I especially love the first painting. I hope you four have a great manage.

  4. Beautiful! Wishing you the best for your show. It's interesting how different your paintings are from your computer work. I've enjoyed your last posts, but yeah, that comment thing. I figured you were still buckling down and doing important things, and since one of us ought to be doing important things, I decided to leave you alone so you could keep at it. Much easier than for me to be the one doing the important things :)

  5. So happy to have the possibility to leave a comment again:)You did so great works in these months:)Your acrylics are amazing!Love the atmosphere!




  7. Heeheehee, sorry. I was overjoyed. Still am.

    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I just love your paintings and all the great strokes of color. They go right to my reptilian brain -- no need to think and analyze and do mental gymnastics. They go straight to my emotion, and I love that! So on top of all the book work, you are painting. Wow, you are crazy busy in all the best ways! If I am a rock, you are a mountain.

    Thank you for your comment on that thing that came in your mail. *Cringe. Blush.*

  8. Hello for a second time today! Thanks for making the commenting possible!:)
    Your paintings reveal another Andrew - lyrical, poetic, sensitive... I remember your book, so I'm not that surprised this time, but I'm happy to see you continue to paint! My favourite is "Houses in blue". What a wonderful opportunity to have a second mutual exhibition with those renowned artists (thank you for the links!) and this time - together with your wife! You must be very excited!
    I wish you all good luck!

  9. HI!!!! How did I miss this? Good grief, I am so behind! BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL!!!

  10. I'm glad you turned comments back on ;)

  11. did I say that these were beautiful?

  12. Your paintings are brilliant, Andrew! Some day I will be fortunate to view one in person I hope! I think it's quite funny that you didn't know what the term meant..and now to hold up the term to Ménage à Quatre! C'est parfait! : ) Wishing you a most wonderful exhibit with such fabulous artists! I did not know your wife was an artist as well!


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