Oct 29, 2012



Okay, I admit it...
I do have a skeleton in my closet.
It's my Aunt Mabel's -
She wasn't using it so I borrowed it.
Took an awful lot of digging to get it though....
Thank you for commenting on my last Haunt Ces :)
Yes I got dragged to the anatomy library once.
All those heads in jars, flayed, spliced, boiled and diced....
I'm sure they are all
very nice.
But it just wasn't my thing!
see you! :)


  1. We have a skeleton in one of the offices here. It came from the Medical School. It sits in one of the offices. The analyst dressed it up with a purple robe like a king. I love your illustration. This looks so scary if this was real life. I am afraid of ghosts and spirits. They are best left alone.

  2. Well, I saw the anatomy post and was going to comment but it was late so I decided to come back this morning and here I find a new one. Are you sleeping or just working 24 hours a day? Good grief. So I can't get your anatomy story out of my head because my oldest daughter is back in school and taking biology at the university right now. She has to dissect a rat for the next four weeks. She is stressed about it. She is in class with mostly kids fresh out of high school and she is sure that they will all behave badly and make it much worse than it has to be. Anyway...
    I love your haunted image. The shadows and lighting are just right and the expression on his face is great. I love the stairs and the texture on the walls too. Now I have to go and see if you left your anatomy post up so I can read it again in the light of day ;)

  3. I was just about to go get some lunch.

    Never mind.

    Now you have me worried that the melted wax will drip and burn his hand and he will drop the candle and be left in the total darkness. Curse you!

    hehehe, Cheers.

  4. oooh ahhhh, wonderfully fabulous
    so alive and full of mystery and intrigue~

  5. Everything about this is spooky. The lighting is great with the shadow effect. It's the classic staircase, that brings me back to every scary movie that had me huddled in the dark. Excellent!

  6. I didn't do well in biology class. Dead things floating in formaldehyde made me whoozy, and it didn't help that the boys in my class thought it was funny to drop dead things down my shirt or leave them on my chair. I don't think I could've made it through rat or bunny killing, but I appreciate your post. It's the kind of thing most of us never know about. Your illo for this post gets me almost as much as the mouse/bunny story because the scary things are imagined, but I especially like the mouse illo. I have to wonder if you ever sleep too!

  7. Wow..what will happen when he climbs the stairs....???

  8. Quintessential haunting expression. We FEEL it!

  9. Great lighting on this, Andrew. Though I'm not sure I would have my mouth open in a house like this... never know what might fly out of a dusty corner!

    1. Yes, AHAviews, I could not say it better!!!


      perhaps fat, juicy bluebottle ?????

  10. Amazing!I'd like to know what he'll discover:)

  11. I guess I missed this. Wonderfully atmospheric! And it sounds like you've been busy. Good for you. And good luck with the pants. I could do better to spend less time in front of the computer screen. It actually makes me feel icky after awhile. I meant to do this topic, but didn't have time. Work is taking up way too much of my life. :-(


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