May 10, 2010

Monday Artday: Favourite Food

The Adventures of Pinocchio and His wooden Cat

Well, I been tinkin' about The Adventures of Pinocchio for a while, as we say in Ireland, and I got to t'inking the other day, what kind of pets did Pinocchio have?

Well the obvious answer was a wooden cat. But, in keeping with the idea of "Favourite Food", I had to ask 'what do wooden cats eat? "

Hmm. Now that would have to be wooden mice.

But what do wooden mice eat?

Clicking for big gives you splinters :)  Thank you for looking.


  1. My dear Monsieur Finnie,

    I'm here to pass on a little message from my very shy and 'innocent' wooden girl to your precious Pinocchio. She wants him to know that she's quite charmed by his ever so distinguished nose and his mesmerizing blue eyes.

    She knows that it is very inappropriate for her to send this message to a gentleman, being a lady herself. However, she feels that she would be more at peace having to make herself clearly to him.

    Warm regards,
    The Phantom of the Opera

    PS: You left your yellow socks at the bottom of my cliff.. Heehehehe :))

  2. the wood grain looks phenomenal, Fin!
    (I really like how wide you made the texture in your settings)

    That Pinnochio is terrifying me, a bit.
    But the wood pkay-pals really being the whole thing to a magical place.

    ... and speaking of magical, your new blog header is a masterwork. Really, it's distinct and dramatic and detailed and dentical. And a teeny bit moogopat, too!

  3. Andrew, thanks for your comment, I leave my reply in Seven Paiters.
    Thanks again.

  4. Andrew!!!!!!!! I love Pinocchio and his magical wooden pets. This is too fabulous. I'm really loving all your new stuff. That wooden cat is too cool!

  5. J'aime Pinocchio... Lorsque je me rends en Italie je passe souvent dans le village où prit Pinocchio prit vie.

  6. Andrew, FYI, wooden mice eat cedar cheese.

  7. By and by, I just read you reply on my 'Medusa' comment, and I don't think you should guess how old I am, because I'm ancient. I've flown with the Auraes and ran with the Centaurs... (^___^)

  8. OMG! The woodgrain is fantastic. Hello Andrew. I am exhausted, can't even finish one drawing. So may things cooking at once and I either burn one dish and undercook one. So I am taking it very slowly. This drawing is fabulous, I love everything about it. Hope all is well with you. xoxoxoxo

  9. hello, how are you?
    love those blue eyes, so gorgeous.
    wooden skin goes well with blue eyes.

    *very clever*

  10. WOW... that's sooooo very cool!!!

    Try a little wooden cheese perhaps!

  11. A self portrait... hmm, yes, yes, I can see he's probably the 'innocent' side you once told me about, heehehe. But a longer nose?? Why, I hope you don't lie that much! (^_______^)

    And aren't you going to solve my riddle?

  12. Beautiful grains on that wood! Someone has lovingly sanded him down with very fine grit paper. And his eyes are a beautiful translucent shade of blue. I love your attention to detail, even the wispy spider web in the corner.

    Figaro was the cat's name, wasn't it? Carved from a fig tree, perhaps?

  13. I really love your wood grain.

  14. Hello everyone. Thankyou once more for your kind comments. It's really encouraging and gives me a kick in the bottom to do more work.

    Amalia, I'm on my way to get my yellow socks :) Will try the riddle too :)

    Thanks Justin and Roberto and Karen, I try to make pinocchio scary, I think it is the human eyes. They make him anthormorphic? And the teeth.

    Hi Martine, ah? So he is Italian? So pinocchio means a pin nose perhaps?

    hello Kinga and Appolonia and Roberta - now I know what they eat I will have to get them out of the cat's milk :)

    And Amalia, I see the riddle now. :)

    Ces: I hope you are well and starting to do more 'work'. We all need a rest sometime. Yours is well earned. (Mine isn't)

    Hello Mita, your hair is getting redder :)

    Bella thanks for that. I appreciate it greatly - so the cat was Figaro? Hmm. I never knew that :)

    Ces :)

    well, thanks again for your comments. I hope you get this response via email?

    Something's come up where I need to turn comments off for a while, so privately I'd like to thankyou again;

    see you soon


    andrew :)

  15. Hey Andrew! WOW! You really amaze ans mesmerize me. That woodgrain is superb! It reminds me of my face when I fall asleep on the couch face down after a rough day. Love your wooden animals as well. I never knew what Pinocchio meant.... pine nut... that's cool. Didn't he have a wooden goldfish named Cleo too? Maybe Figero had some fish and (wood)chips. Take care my friend. Hey thanks for stopping by.

  16. And thanyou too Jack. ! It's amazing how we take all these stories for granted without knowing the details. I just assumed Pinocchio meant Pin Nose - or similar!

    heh, that's funny about the goldfish! and chips

    see you :)


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