May 28, 2010

Illustration Friday" Early

Brian was so excited about his date with Matilda Theresa Lollyita-Santa-Maria, that he arrived at their rendezvous fourteen hours and twenty seven minutes early. 

As was his habit on a first date, he wore no socks and clutched a posy of stolen hydrangeas in his left hand. 

Tonight, as well as being excited, he was slightly nervous. And it wasn't just that Matilda Theresa Lollyita-Santa-Maria was the only other dwarf in the village. 

Tonight Brian's physical infirmities had made him a little "fragile".

Sure, his belly buttom ached from his new piercing; but, even worse, he had trouble sitting - his buttocks were still tender from last week's 'entertainment"  at the barracks.

You could never trust Cavalry Captains, he thought to himself. Never, ever.

They were only in it for the ride.

From Rupert Bunny- The Early Days: 1892-1912: Editor: R.Ripplefardenteiner: Pub: Simonster and Schlonger: 1989. London.

Image: Apprentice jockey Brian Farnhobengarven  however, was slowly learning to dislike horses.

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(apologies to everyone, and Little Britain)


  1. Now that is early! Poor guy must get into a real state when he has a date. That would explain the wide-eyed, slightly manic look on his face. :) Another compelling character and entertaining story line.... Just in the nick of time.

  2. WHOAAAAAA!!! My sensitivities cannot absorb all these double barrels early this morning. You are a master of euphemism. Poor Brian having a date with someone named after all the saints - I know how that affects a girl, just ask me! He is either "stalker" material, arriving fourteen hours and twenty seven minutes early, or he is the perfect future husband who can be talked into queuing at the Black Friday sales the day after Thanksgiving.

    But look at that dimple and cleft chin! Beautiful congenital malformations! If I were Matilda, I want to know what the barracks"entertainment" detailed or perhaps she would not mind because she has a full sleeve of tattoos herself.

    Aw Drats! See what you did? You snared me into your web of stories again. I have to get ready for work!

    Note to self: Do not read Andrew's blog when in a hurry!

  3. Oh one last thing, thank you for your wonderful comments. I just love it when I see your name. Have a wonderful day.

    Oh I also am so thrilled that I got here before Mita or that Saint Apolonia did!

  4. holy cow, Finn! ... what an excerpt, hard to believe it was written way back then, but a great find (where DO you find these things?!).

    Love the expression, the color scheme, the clothes, the lighting (of course) ... it really captures a mood and tells a great little emotional moment. Awesome job!

  5. Well, it's likely that all we were so anxious in our first meeting with Matilda Theresa Lollyita-Santa-Maria, hear your name alone makes you dream about it.
    Hortencias are not a good flower for to give to a girl MMMmmmm (i think)
    (I like your Work)
    Thanks, Andrew, when I was a kid, I had a couple of aunts who gave me kisses and of course had more mustache than me now.
    well, I think both are a couple of rogues that do not count these things to our wives. It does not matter as they realize when they read the blog. Thank you for your comment again.

  6. Hhm. Funny, the last time I had a date with Brian, he showed up 4 hours late, I was already dancing with the gringo on the next table! Well, I guess I wasn't his type after all. Maybe he prefers saints? (^_*)

  7. Very funny Andrew, another post to make me laugh and spew out my morning coffee. Love the dimple and cleft, my grandson has these. Hmmmm a congenital malformation huh, oh, well at least it is a cute malformation. Great work as always sir, love it, the story too.

  8. How can you make these pictures so fantastic? And so fast? Grettings!!

  9. Hey Andrew! Sorry I'm late for your "EARLY". But I'm glad I stopped by. This little guy is the best. His malformations are incredibly charming. I'm sure Matilda was fashionably late as well so add another 1 hour and 12 minutes onto Brian's agonizing wait. At least it gave him enough time to memorize her full name :o) Another incredible masterpiece by the word weaving, character creating genius himself... the one and only... Andrew Finnie!

  10. Boy, it´s tough to be a man, huh!?! All that waiting with nerves. I can´t believe how well you manage to get that particular first-time-jitters-look in his eyes and face! You´ve sure got talent. Gotta hand you that. Respect.

  11. oh yes i love his expression too! you're so good, you.
    actually i always love your characters although this Brian is not my type (i prefer dark hair, remember?)

  12. And so the saga begins of the saint and the sinner.... Piercings? Sore buttocks? Do I even want to know? I think he is redeeming himself, though, because patience is a virtue. Or so I keep hearing.

    You have such a beautiful eye for detail..the flying cranes, the engraving on the stone, the shine on his shoe, the variegated color on the hydrangeas. You transport me to another world, Mr. Finnie!

    Dimples are hardly malformations. Unless they happen to be on the southern cheeks.

  13. oh btw im so very happy right now.
    ces makes me happy.

    byebye ****!

  14. Well well, my genetics professor must have meant to be very clinical when she said that these things are "malformations" which of course re not always unattractive. In fact I have a dimple on the right cheek, more prominent when I was younger and my Mother had a cleft chin. So while attractive, hardly the norm. But who cares about norms, right? I love them.

  15. If you're wondering about the answer to this:

    lakhsmita Indira said ...
    HOT HOT LIKE ME THE SAME HAIR!! know where to look! Hehehehheee... :D

  16. Dear God, I apologize for being so rude...didn't I tell you how adorable Brian looks in here? Yes, adorable!! Ha! Too bad he didn't have have higher regards for punctuality when he dated me! (hhm, that reminds me of someone..) HAHAHAHAHA..HAAAA!!!

  17. Ciaoooooooooooo Mr. Finnie! How are you? I thought I would stop by and admire your lovely work. Amazing as usual ^_^! Oh I didn't faint when I saw the enlarged version! I stared in amazement! I wanna ask...'Hooooow do you do this'...but I will get a mysterious answer I think hehe ^_^.

    Oh do you know maybe someone who want to write my thesis?

    Enjoy the Sunday and till next time!
    Take care!

  18. super!
    you can feel everything that goes with it,
    only the expression of the face and
    body posture ... amazing!

  19. Hello... err now what happenes when I push this red button? Umm.

    Click, cler, rup. It makes a noise. Lucky. That means it must be

    useful.... :)

    Or is it a green button.

    Gee you know, I promised myself I would stay on top of comments, and err, I have failed.
    My deepest apologies, but thank you again for looking at my work and being kind enough to comment.

    It always amazes me how intelligent and brimming with a sense of humour that people are when they leave their comments here.

    It's obvious that artists are a certain type of people - intelligent, witty and full of joie de vivre - not to mention their remarkable
    good taste and style.


    So thankyou again :)

    PS I never knew that about those malformations. I always thought

    they were meant to be sexy.

    But someone once told me that dimples were where God placed

    his fingers when he pushed that person away.

    Maybe they were fibbing?

    see you!

  20. Haha! I forgot to say that everyone made me laugh out loud. So thankyou :) :)

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