May 29, 2010

Illustration Friday: Slither

Ralph and Robby Ferguson of Tennyson South Dakota, demonstrate their riding style in the recent 2010 Minnesota Python Swamp Challenge Rodeo.

 Ralph and Robby came third in a line-up of 150 contestants from 34 different countries. An excited Ralph told BNB news he "thought it was a blast." Unfortunately his brother, Robbie, age 7, has been diagnosed with a case of terminal hiccups, and was unable to comment on their surprising third place: Writer Albie Buckrot; Photo: Richard Noser 

Thanks for looking. Again. Clicking for big gives you the big picture.


The top image was inspired by César Samaniego. Have you seen his work? Worth the long trip to Spain I'd say.  Here's the link.

The image with text was inspired by Janne from Spindlemaker. She does dress making and yucky stuff - but she makes wonderful art. :) She is here. She's one of those artists who tries everything and is well worth checking out. (Just kidding about the yucky stuff!)


  1. Am I here first? Do I get a coupon or something? Hehehee...

    Well, I got the big picture! And It is Finnie! I mean FINE and magnificent too! Honestly, I'm liking more and more of the colors you use and the details..well, need I say more? Cesar and Janne will be so proud!

    Though I must say, that is the most cheeky looking snake I have ever seen! Again, he reminds me of someone...

    Bravo, Monsieur, take a bow... (^_^)

  2. Ackh! Your word verification was "NARLI"!! Come on..!! :D :D

  3. You know, I am slightly envious of your imagination... who else but you can think up a python-rodeo?!?
    I am very honored to be this weeks muse :-) Ha, ha, ha...
    I really like your picture, but I like it even better in the image with the text, feels like it´s more in a context, either from a news-story or a book, or I don´t know. I just really, really like it!
    Seriously, you have to take some of all your illustrations to a publisher soon. You need to make a book, I tell you! Try the publisher that works with Neil Gaiman. (Vertigo/ DC comics? Might be several, that´s the one I can see from where I sit)

  4. Amazing ... I like it's madness.

  5. Pythons in Minnesota, who would have known?! Funny, dynamic image.

  6. WHOAAAAAA! SSSSSSSSSSS!!!! I TOTALLY DIG THIS! Even though I have mild ophidiophobia and herpetophobia - I love these young dudes riding the great monster. I especially love the clothes!!! Oh Andrew, you are like a fashion designer - the one that uses all shapes that clash with one another. Coco may cringe in her grave but the younger designers are so rebellious - like you.

    This is amazing. I wish I thought of this.

  7. Great atmosphere, rhythm, movement, composition, and light. Muy bueno!

  8. Those boys are so brave! This is an amazing creation from a most unusual and creative imagination. Wow!

  9. Very cool, and only you would think of a python rodeo!

  10. Another amazing piece Andrew! What a wild imagination you have. These rodeo tykes are something else. Ralph dresses like my dad used to. (He was way ahead of his time). That snake has a devious smile. If Illustration Friday ever throws the word devious out there... You'll have to bring back old Monty (python :o) . Next time I'm in Minnesota I'll have to ask to locals about their champions.

  11. Amazing work!! I think the tone of colors are just perfect!

  12. Wow! Great picture! (I again clicked on it from a thumbnail on IF--I don't look at names). Great faces and snake, and the loveliest of yellow backgrounds. I agree with what Spindelmaker and Jack said about your imagination. This is wild and wonderful! I love the image with the text too, and how it's all spilling over...

  13. What an amazing image! Your work is so intriguing Andrew..

  14. Holy forked tongue, Finnie! Really? Houndstooth and stripes?

    No, all kidding aside, this is splendiferous! Fantastic perspective on this. It lends to the excitement and motion. My god, man, your imagination is wicked good.

    Look ma, no hands!

  15. oh my god this one is amazing!
    you're so good.
    so good.
    i wish you were here.

  16. no...

    i clicked on the second image.
    there are thousands of edgars.
    i really wish you were here.

  17. Thanks, Andrew. I also admire Jethro Tull. Lately, after years I have heard again.
    Ehh, I do not think we are bad people. A humorist is basically a disrespectful when are creating, but a very serious in his private life. At least that's what I think.
    A hug
    PS: it rains in OX?

  18. Sorry, Andrew, I wanted to ask if it rains in Oz, here in Ox I know it's raining.

  19. Why is a raven like a writing desk?

  20. It looks like you don't need another fan.. but you can count me as your newest! The characters, colors and atmosphere all come together beautifully. How long do you work on a piece like this?

  21. Hello

    Heh, late to the party again! I have been making Amalia's coupon, the printers are just sending it around, so hopefully it will suit!

    Janne, thankyou for your kind encouragement. you just reminded me that I should be serious and actually do what I set out to do!

    Hi Xovika. I am to please. I once had my head read by a phrenologist. He wouldn't tell me the outcome ....

    Hello Sally, this is a little know fact - the deadly Minnesota Python is one of the world's three deadliest snakes ---- after the rattlensake, the Black Mambo aaaaand the famous Pigmy tasmanian Cabbage eating toothless Anek Snake (that can gum you to death with one bite ---well several bites)

    Ces, you rock. I never realised I should change trades. Coco watch out, Herringbone with mudstains is the new black.

    Hya Linda Lin and Roberto. :) Yep it's raining here in Oz. It's so bad that the rainbow got washed away. Lucky we wear thongs (they float) so at least our feet are above water !!

    thanks again for looking and commenting!

  22. Mary Jane and Karen and Jack. Thankyou, thankyou and thankyou! :) Big grin from Finnie. Jack don't ask too many questions in Minnesota (is that near Washington?). I hear they are shy and have handguns?!

    Leen and Theresa and Kathy. Thankyou very much. It's great to get such feedback from great artists like yourselves.

    Ahh Bella, you are a crackup. Somehow I think that you and Ces aare the wicked rambuctuous sisters. (In a good way - you have that way with words!)

    Oh Mita, I am missing your work. I hope you are hard at it. Don't keep us in suspenders.

    Hi Apollonia! Now let me see? :) "Because it can produce a few notes, though they are very flat; and it is never put with the wrong end in front!" Ho did I do?

    Hello Heidi, I knw I knew your name. That Sherlock piece is wonderful. Thanks for your kindness - about 5-6 hours I guess - beats doing the washing up.

    Heh :)

    Thankyou everyone for looking and commenting.

    That's very kind of everyone.

    I'll just be off line for a while till I get some things sorted - so until we meet again!

    Be back soon I will, as Yoda once mumbled.!!!

  23. This is terrific Andrew... the movement... the textures!!! Now send Ralph and Robby to Texas so they can wrestle some our swamp gators or maybe a longhorn!

  24. WOW! Words escape me, Andrew... Another terrific, terrrrifyingly gorgeous piece.

  25. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for stopping by to view my misery.

    This is amazing! Love the illustration and the story. Such imagination!

    I visited your links. A worthwhile trip... Thanks and have a good (miserable) day.

  26. Amazing pic as always and love the story too! Yes, my pattern was based on henna tattoos.


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