Jun 1, 2011

If you go out in the woods today ......

Well if you have been kind enough to look at my work in the past you might find a few archetypes popping up. There's elves and cats and ravens and butterflies, little girls and little boys and witches and dwarves and dragons and.... hold on, I just mentioned a whole kit and kaboodle of things that weren't archetypes.

Let me start again.

It's a well known fact that in every fully grown man there is a little boy just trying to 'scape. It's also well known that we 'fully grown' men supress the inner boy so that we can look tough and strong and manly.

 If we don't look tough and strong and manly then 'bad things' will happen to us. On the beach we might have sand kicked in our faces, on the street we might get mugged, and in restaurants we might be given kitsch ... or, worse still, even quiche.

So this is me of course. I am slightly different. The skull is the fully grown man  that the little boy is supressing. :)

But seriously, this image is an experiment for me. The second last image is a photograph that I used as the base for the work. It's somethig I have never done before. It felt like cheating but it was a wonderful exercise in camoflage. The last image is part of the wip.

Thank you for looking, thank you to everyone who commented on my last work and also thank you to everyone who visited Bob and The Siggy from my last post! I hoped you enjoyed visiting their work.

See you! :)


  1. Oh, I think that the "bad things" in life may happen when (or because) the little boys and girls have disappeared or escaped from our lives as adults! So... take care of the little Andrew, pay attention to him, listen to his words, follow his needs and dreams and you'll be always strong and happy!
    I like your experiment, Andrew! To be honest, I didn't notice the background is a photo. I'm curious to see your further pictures of the kind! What about your favourite symbols - I'll never get tired of them, especially in the way you use them!
    Hello at the end of a veeeery long, busy and noisy day, full of smiles, pure joy and music - 1st of June, the International Children's Day! Just try to imagine how emotional that day was for our theatre group!:)

  2. I like this very much. It is so crisp! I love your butterflies. :)

  3. good... to be your first time
    I see it pretty well,
    the rooster is not an archetype, no?
    I had never seen before.
    eh ... I like playing the bells, and run away
    I must suppress that impulse?
    (ah, I also make silly jokes as children)
    and silly drawings

  4. wow, I really didn't notice it was a photograph either. It's like a magic trick.
    I love the idea of the boy supressing the adult, we sould do that more often :)
    The Lady of Shalott is really beautiful.

  5. I couldn't comment before and lost what I typed. Anyway, I thought the whole image was rendered, you magician you.

  6. Поздрави Rossicheeka! Nostrovia! И поздравявам. Знаете ли ни добър приятел, който прави най-силния чертежи може да изтриете своя блог? Ако имаш възможност, моля пишете на нея и да кажа колко много обича работата си! :)

    Gee typing in Cryllic is hard :)

    Rossecheeka, I was grown up at thirteen and grown down by the time I reached 28. Every year mentally I grow younger and younger and am now up to minus 34 years of age.


    Ahh you must be exhuasted, but it is the well won sleep of the righteous who have done a wonderful job - I bet you. I am still looking for the beautiful Judas tree, thank you for showing us your amazing country.

    When you come to Australia as Ambassador you must have an office near here and I will take you flying my kite!

  7. Ahh Ces, Crisp? I love your new vocab. Butterflies are wierd eh, so beautiful and delicate and soft - and the caterpillers eat your vegies and jumpers - I suppose it's a trade off, eight minutes beauty for eating holy cabbages and wearing holy clothes :)

    I am very pleased that you came for a visit. Don't vanish I know your address :)

  8. Oh Ces butterflies and Ravens, and skulls, who woul have thought it was me :)

  9. Roberto, see you and I are both boys holding skulls, and not skulls holding boys, which is bad and politically incorrect in Australia.

    But seriously, the rooster as archetype? Ahh it could be a metaphorical archetype perhaps? The rooster, perhaps that is the real me and not the skull at all. That would be bad because you know what happens to roosters :)

  10. Lets try that again :)
    na hi! Thank you so much for commenting on my work. I appreciate it greatly. You know, the Preraphaelite woman so beautiful eh? I once remarked it;'s because their eyes are so wide which makes them attractive because they are good genetic stock and would have greet depth perception and be able to hunt excellently and therefor men find them good to mate with and Ces pointed out it was also a deformity that some kids have :)

    The Lady of Shallot is beautiful and glimmers.

  11. Oh je suis ravie de vous revoir!! Je n'ai jamais vraiment grandi ou voulu grandir... J'aime cette forêt que vous décrivez... je suis tant émerveillée lorsque j'aperçois des papillons...
    La forêt est un lieu où j'aime aller me ressourcer...
    Gros bisous à vous. Très belle publication...

    (il est tôt chez moi encore, mais je m'en vais croquer des cerises!!! mon péché mignon!)

  12. Haha I screwed up again, sorry Ana!

  13. heh Shawn thanks! Oh I saw a thread at Dazforum about blending 3d with photos and hence this image. It sure beats modeling and texturing all those trees and replicating blades of grass adinfintum. Mind you, the clone tool is your friend :)


  14. Martine, now not too many cherries :) They will make your hair go curly, did you know that? Ahh you will never lose the girl inside you, myself and Leo know that.

    Your next exhibition is so near, and a Solo, it is wonderful and I wish you the success that you so much deserve.

    :) Hugs from Oz!

    Oh Australie est loin à pied, n'est-ce pas?

  15. Bob and Siggy ROCK! Thanks for pointing us to them. You are an excellent pointer by the way. Have you ever thought of going pro?
    Whenever I have to do an “woodsy” scene, I always put on my hiking boots (Like a man) strap on the backpack (like a man) put a little whiskey on my breath (Like a man) and go into the woods and take a few snapshots (like a man) So far Oi have never gotten mugged:o) However a little girl did kick me once and she was wearing extremely pointy boots! Ow! That Hurt! But I took it like a man :o) I don’t know where she came from or what her problem was! Maybe she didn’t like the pink fluffy shirt I was wearing.
    But seriously, I loved zooming in on your final piece. I was surprised to see the rodents on your head. Then I scrolled up and realized that I had been so engrossed in your words, that I scrolled past the first couple of images so fast that I missed the rats.
    I love that you added the reference photo. You really did a phenomenal job on those trees. I love the birds as well. The lighting is superb! Reminds me of a bright sunny day in the Chicago suburbs. Very excellent work my fiend!

  16. ooops... my friend! (forgot to double-check :o)

  17. Hey what happened to saint Emeritus... or whatever his mane was?

  18. It's interesting you mention the big wide eyes, they have this distant look as if they are superior,like goddesses...guess it's part of the appeal that ethereal presence,people tend to like what they can`t have.
    Do you think that could be a reason why anime is so popular now?
    I love visiting here so there's no need to thank me.Just hope my writing makes sense and if it doesn´t you feel free to tell me... there's been a while I only practice english through blogging so I'm thinking in spanish while typing this.
    I believe you when you say you're growing younger, your work shows the child is still there :)

  19. Oh, doesn´t it feel nice to cheat every now and again? ;-) It looks great, an I woul´t have known that you´d cheated at all if you hadn´t told. The woods look magnificent!
    Have a great day!

  20. I don't know what else or how else to say it. I love your work, since I first saw it through Monday Artday.

  21. But...How did you DO that???? What you did is not cheating. You took that photo and made it completely yours and indistinguishable in style from the characters that you placed in it. Amazing! Showing me the photo and then the finished piece is like David Blaine showing me how he does a magic trick and then actually performing. I still cannot follow and am left gaping like an awe-struck four-year-old. The setting is breathtaking, and I love the chicken-chook, sharing the limelight and as equally enigmatic in the woods as a clean human skull. I love this piece, Mr. Finnie! One of my favorites!!!

  22. I agree with Bella, I don't think it's cheating at all. It's a mixed media short cut, and I'll bet it saved you some time. It looks seamless and you did a bang up job of it!
    Now about the boy and the skull...he's very sweet. But man suppressing boy, boy suppressing (what used to be) man. You guys are more complicated than I thought! :)

  23. I love this Andrew, you did a superb job of pulling it together. I love the lighting too, you are always so good with lighting. I don't see it as cheating, it's just using one more tool and it takes skill to make it work. :)

  24. Wow! That background looked so much like your work I never thought of it being like a photograph! It has the Finnie atmosphere going on! And those floaty butterflies are just downright dreamy... er, I mean, manly! :)

  25. Obviously a successful experiment. I just don't know how you're going to manage that for your dungeon scenes? I love your thoughts about boy/man supression/freedom. I grew up too fast and am counting backwards too. I might be minus 54 by now, but I lost track because really young children don't know how to count yet. Love the image!

  26. Well I'm trying to figure you out in my head, oh ancient one, although playing with the inner boy sounds more appealing to me right now. :)

    Seriously, I'm glad you did this experiment. Somehow there's a livelier feel to it, like this scene is actually taking place in real life. One question though, is the chicken supposed to portray yourself as a "chicken"? Or are you just saying how much you love having them for dinner?

    oxox from the mountains.

  27. I'd say this technique works, beautifully in fact!
    I'm half expecting something else to reveal itself here from the shadows... You are aware of this week's IF challenge, correct? Looking forward (or backward) to it! :o)

  28. i constantly look for a sign in the woods and when i don't like the answer, i call it a coincidence.

    But there are no coincidences.

    Tell me, how are you today?

  29. I tried to comment on the last one, but it didn't go through for some reason. Still wanted to let you know I appreciated seeing some of your traditional pieces. And Bob and Ziggy's work is very cool indeed. Best regards, William

  30. Great piece, Andrew. I too don't see any dishonesty afoot. And could that chicken be a precursor to our inner ciche? Love the metaphors. Wm

  31. What a lovely idea - to run together with a kite! Maybe in some other life?... I'll be a good Ambassador then, I promise!:o) And you'll be my Australian friend. So... fingers crossed!:)))
    Yes, I was exhausted, Andrew, but really happy! Why? Because so many children and their parents enjoyed themselves with us and it was our doing. I can't explain the feeling! I'll post some photos about those days very soon.
    Thanks for your diligence to write in Cyrillic!! It's something between Bulgarian and Russian, but was very sweet of you! "Cheers!" in Bulgarian is "На здраве!" [na'zdrave].:-)
    Bye for now and have a great time!

  32. Nice image. I feel like I'm forever crushing a skull in my hands. I'd like it to crumble into dust one day, so I can just be that little boy again. The only trouble is my clothes wouldn't fit and the local authorities would frown on my driving to the mall on weekends.

  33. Hello, I just want you to know that I am going into the woods today. I hope I find you there!


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