Jun 20, 2011

The Day Father Georgus Oppenheimer Discovered the Parchment Aeroplane

Dies Abbas George primoris folded a piece of membrana down medius quod threw is in aer, eram a valde dies pro mankind. Is eram , vero , nocens pro suus umerus humerus.

The day Brother George first folded a piece of pointy parchment down the middle and threw it in the air was indeed a great day for mankind. It did, however, give him a sore shoulder after a while.

Suus matris wore exercitus tabernus , praeter ut is pluvia tunc is wore rutilus galoshes. Suus frater Francisca quoque eram insolitus. Francisca amo lambo via per suus lingua , singulariter ut is eram fervens satis pro tar tabesco.

Brother George came from a family of geniuses. For example: his mother wore army boots, but when it rained she wore bright red galoshes. His brother Frankis also was unusual. Frankis loved to lick the road with his tongue, especially on days when it was hot enough to melt the  tar. He loved the taste of ashfelt - it helped to think.

Unus dies a liitle puer nomen Roger venit in urbs. Frater George no Roger tondeo suus caput capitis , quoniam Roger had licentia. Is had quoque had a nocens theca of foetidus feet quod haud perficio could redintegro.

One day a little boy named Roger came  into town. Brother George took Roger under his arm - though the little boy had head lice. There was another problem in that the  boy had very bad smelling feet that even the best perfume could not fix.

Eventually Frater George subpono super Roger's foetidus feet quod they quoniam bonus amicitia. Tunc miserabile abbatis evestigatus suum amicitia quod had George prehendo.

But Brother George was a Saint and eventually grew used to the boy's feet and they became good friends. Then the local Abbot discovered this and became jealous. He had Brother George arrested.

Is eram a tristis dies pro mankind ut dies. tunc dies they reperio Illustration Friday , ut Andrew could planto pictures quod write lacuna in Latin ut no haud voluntas.

While Brother George was in prison mankind invented Illustration Friday - as a reward for him inventing the 'parchment aeroplane'. It became a win win situation, especially for Andrew, who could  now pretend he knew how to write Latin, and insert silly sentences between his images.

Insquequo is venit ut permaneo picture. Is picture est idem eadem idem scaena ut supremus , tamen sulum has dies in vomica , salvifico bovis anf egredior quisnam eloped quod had septem liberi.

Luckily Andrew ran out of pictures and could give the Google translator a rest. The Google translator is very good for French, but at Latin translation it sucks.

Gratias ago vos pro lectio. Vos have valde nice magnus noses quod EGO sum umquam memor.

He would like to thank you for looking at his work. His nose has grown longer in the making of this post and he would like to apologise to Roberto, Linda, Karen and Rossicheeka :)

Gee, I've had to start using google chrome as Explorer won't let me comment on blogger!


  1. pulchra illustration!!!!!
    pater fundator Quantas?

  2. The Holy Inquisition sentenced him to the stake for these sacrilegious research?

  3. Oh, I love the bottom image Andrew, but you forgot the English version and my Latin is lacking. I did try to read it, obviously our Latin root vocabulary studies did not prepare me for your post. The illustrations are wonderful; they look like they are having great fun in the first one.

  4. My Latin is pretty weak too, but I love the illustrations. It makes perfect sense now that I see it that monks would play with paper airplanes, so why didn't I think of that before? I like the contrast of planes with the bird and butterlies at the top.

  5. Well, well... I refuse to TRY to read the text , besides I think you don't insist on that, having written it in a language you don't expect us to understand (or some of us!)... I'm an onlooker, I'm one of the audience... I use my eyes to see, not only to read. So what I see? A lovely picture, all in light, in which Contrast is the main personage. Monks, behaving like children; butterflies, flying outside a dark building, that keeps a lot of secrets, I suppose dark ones. Quite an unusual theme, but I like it. We were all children once and it's never late to return to the childhood, even for some minutes!
    P.S. I'm going to send you the same scene from our workshop a couple of weeks ago, when my husband taught children how to make origami-swallows...:)

  6. Haha Roberto, :)

    I am sorry I ran out of time to make the translation but I have f ixed it now!

    Karen thank you so much! Oh I translated it online then translated it back to english and it was nothing like what I wrote :)

    Linda, oh monks spent so muc time tasting wine to make sure it was good you know, they would have little time for anything else. Of course if they were Oz monks it would have been beer!

    Rossicheeka! Hey I did a paper cutting workshop on the weekend. I made such a mess as well as a flower and a bird but am not a natural :)

    Heh :) I'm looking forwrad to that pic!

    see you :)

    I put the translation up now... apologies again!

  7. Hhm. So licking "ashfelt" can make you think better? Should I risk trying? Somehow "not thinking" sounds better, now, yes? :)

    Well, I see you're still into bringing out that inner boy inside, eh? Still trying to suppress the skull? Heh, I honestly don't think there's a skull anyway, just a boy playing with our heads. :))

    Good stuff you did here, Monsieur!

  8. Why do I get the creepy feeling that rats are following me? ;)

    I'd like to try licking ashfelt, but right now I am completely surrounded by sand, and somehow that doesn't seem appetizing at all. Maybe that's why I'm not thinking so well.

    Glad little Roger found a home. And that Brother George was able to give him a good haircut.

  9. Hahahaha!!! I love reading the little bits between your pictures as much as looking at the pictures themselves. You had me chuckling quite loudly by the end there. I can picture you giggling away as you create these wonderful images, not unlike a mad scientist in his dark laboratory. Do you think it is possible to get headlice in your armpits? Would they then be pitlice? Oh, it's so good to see that monks can enjoy a little frivolity. And wow, that wheel behind them looks very frightening with all those spikes! Have a wonderful day, good bye!

  10. Oy Latin! You know one of the things I like about being Catholic are the high Latin masses, the chants and the habit of the friars and monks. Throughout my schooling years I attended an array of public and private schools. The private schools were all ran by Catholic orders. I got to know the Dominican Sisters, The Benedictine Sisters, The La Salle Brothers, The Recolletus friars and monks. I also worked as a nurse with the Alexian Brothers. One summer, one of the Recollect friar-professors died and he was buried in his habit. I have never seen such a solemn beautiful corpse. He looked so holy in his hood and habit with that gigantic rosary strung by his belt. I also attended a funeral of an Alexian Brother. This brother was ancient but when he died, he was also buried in his habit, he had his glasses on! He looked so handsome and so young that I thought to myself he looked better in death than in life! The friars, monks and nuns were some of the most intelligent and gifted artists in ancient times. They were great illuminators, writers, herbalists, inventors, mechanics, physicians, etc. I truly believe a scene like was possible. Your illustration is superb!!!

  11. hallo Andrew,
    was für bewundernswerte Bilder, ja, natürlich bleiben alle menschliche Charaktereigenschaften erhalten, vor allem das „Böse“ geht nicht verloren, komisch….
    Aber das Gute ist oft still und nicht vordergründig, Gut und Böse werden nicht aussterben, ein bischen Hoffnung bleibt, ja ich habe die Bilder in groß angesehen, man muß sich Zeit nehmen und nicht über den Blog fliegen!
    Aber Zeit gibt es, man muß sie sich nehmen……
    diese vielen kleinen versteckten Details!
    wirklich schön der Schatten der Blätter, das Schattenspiel und der Nebel, diese Lichtwirkung ist ein faszinierender Wirkung!!!
    viele Grüße von Jasmin

  12. I don't know about licking tar, but poking it with sticks and making tar balls definitely helps you think better. Thanks for the translation. I'm kind of amused that I actually figured some of your story out on my own :)

  13. What about the first guy that tasted cows milk. What was he thinking?

  14. Oh my gosh, Andrew..I'm still cracking up at your words. YOU are so funny, my friend. Latin schmatin, you don't even need it to prove that your work is smashing..oh gosh, odiferous feet and head lice, huh? Where do these thoughts come from, Andrew, where? I must say, the illustrations are awesome, as per usual..but my favorite is the last one..there is something so beautifully serene in how you illustrated it. Something new? A different technique..? It is gorgeous. Hope you've been well, my friend!

  15. So that’s how we get to enjoy your Illustration Friday posts! Thank you brother George.... mankind? hmmm those translators must have had a rough night last night ;o) I was in Russia about ten years ago. I was telling the kids at an orphanage the story of baby Jesus through a translator. (this is a true story by the way) :o) When I got to the part where Mary was riding on a donkey for 40 miles into Bethlehem... The kids all looked at me very strangely. I stopped and wondered why, then I continued. All of a sudden, the translator burst out laughing. I was hoping she wasn’t laughing at me ;o) I said, “What”? She said I’ll tell you later.
    After we left the kids, and were walking back to our rooms, I asked her why she burst out laughing. She said that she accidentally translated donkey to monkey! So thats why the kids were all looking at me so weird! A pregnant Mary riding on a monkey! Ha That was an experience I’ll never forget.

  16. Congratulations, Mr Man-of-all-trades-including-Latin. All I know is "la notche de Dio" which means God´s night. Spelling might be wrong, but I can sing it beautifully ;-)
    I think you should tell us more about the monks. I feel they all have good stories to tell. And that way you have yet another excuse to practice your latin! Another win-win situation! Yay!

  17. Amalia

    Oh Lick Road with Tongue? That is a Monty Python thing from the dark ages, a silly thing, not a bit like me :)

    Ahh to play with heads? Is that a suggestion.... metaphorical perhaps? I hope you are well, your new books look just splendferosity!

    Congratulations my friend!

  18. Ha ha Krista ! :) I'm am so glad you are having sand for dinner and not tar! I hear sand is better for the digestion.... :) I removed the rats, and replaced them with screaming kids, but that didn't work :)

    have a great holiday

    I am jealous!

  19. Bella! Bella! Ha! A sick person it is who laughs at my jokes :) I am glad you did, you must be very intelligent :) In fact I think you carried them a step further :)

  20. Art I joken, ahh I just realised that the enigma is not only in your art, but your name also!

    Hi to you, or as we say in tasmania Ih!

  21. Ces, oh you hung out with many brothers I see. Ah yes, you are so right in what you say, more beautiful in death than in life? I can imagine that.

    Unfortunately in Oz the men of cloth have been tainted by a few bad 'eggs' who wrangle all the publicity. It's so sad, that the sins of the few will cast a dark shadow on the many.

    The main monks I have seen were in West Oz, they ferment their own mead and must drink a litre of it a day to fulfill their holy orders.

    They are always very happy :)

  22. Oh and they have a piece of the cross !


  23. Danke Jasmin, du bist sehr nett! Ja Gut ist oft leise, und das Böse oft laut. Ich frage mich immer, wenn wir vielleicht mehr schreien müssen, aber das geht davon aus, dass wir gut sind:) Natürlich sind wir alle Helden unserer eigenen Geschichten. Ich bin froh, dass du diese Arbeit gerne, es gibt viele Schatten in verbergen, auch für die Mönche und Spaß haben!

  24. Hey Linda, I'm closing my eyes and getting a picture of a country girl, about fourteen, just having a lot of fun... be careful with that stick... you know, I buried a dead turtle in the sandunes two months ago and went back to get it the other day, unfortunately we had a huge storm and the sand dunes was buried under another ten feet of sand! So I spent about an hour with a stick poking at the ground and wishing my sense of smell wasn't 21st century humanoid :)

    I was kneeling in the sand sniffing... it must have looked pretty funny... didn't find the turtle shell,

  25. William, that's very funny. He was probably thinking, umm, why didn't I try this before :)

  26. Hey Shirley

    Gee you are observant! The last one is actually the first. I worked on it for a week, and knew that when Illustration Friday came up I was going to use it as part of IF come hell or high leather (weird expression that) :)

    Normally I paint in the atmosphere, with this one I used clouds in the 3d scene before I rendered it, so I had a head start - it just gave that sense of depth in the buildings by knocking down the contrast. I also used a little more 'bloom' to give that glow than I normally do.

    The monks are just there for narrative :)

    I'm glad I made you laugh. Oh and I enjoyed your animation immensely!!!!!

  27. Hehe Jack, well I am laughing very loudly, imagining that scene.

    Have you seen Life is Beautiful? I am getting tingles just thinking about it. Life is beautiful eh? We need to remember that.

    The movie makes you laugh, it makes you cry, and you leave feeling as if it is all worthwhile.

    There is a scene where the Father translates the German Commandant's speech for his little boy. It is very poignant.

    Oh your book looks amazingliful! I am so very happy that your work is getting the audience it deserves.

  28. Oh Bottoms Janne, let's try that again! I should always read my posts before I hit send. It;s just that I am such a perfect typist... :)

    Janne, oh you know I am a fake :) My latin is very interesting. To be honest :) I can say "in wine truth"! And that is all.

    But yes, the monks do have a story. they are all standing behind me as I type, eagerly squinting over my shoulder (they forgot their glasses in the rush to be here), waiting to see exactly what that story is.

    I am keeping them in suspenders at the moment - :)

  29. I love that you love butterflies.

  30. hello Andrew!
    These look great, I'll come back to read and comment tomorrow, it's 02:20 am now and I have to get up early :/
    I had one of those friar (that's the word?) costumes when I was a child...I wasn't a friar or monk of course, I just wore one to a parable representation at school and it was fun to play wearing it so I kept it for a while:D
    ok, I'll be back tomorrow or I won't get up later...
    I'm happy you like my Iggy Pop Cartoon XD
    It's so much fun to draw those outfits!

  31. Andrew, who is your dentist?!!! The lustre in your smile is blinding me! :) Thank you for your comment.

  32. I wish I painted the Sleeping Gypsy. I think that is the only Henri Rosseau painting with shadows. Ah I am not analyzing, I think, I just want to not want to be possessed. I want to be able to "not care."

  33. Fantastic!Always great to read your posts!

  34. A. hello, Do you know why you're not surprised?
    because what you see on my blog is so common that you can see it every day in any magazine:)
    Ah... women with kiss eyes...
    No, no, sorry, I did not talk about that kind of women you say.
    Women with kiss eyes, are women who see you for one second when you cross them on the street or on the bus, or the subway, even in church...
    with the sole intention of looking at you.
    No, no, sorry, that kind of women you say, I'm not interested,
    when my wife goes on a trip, I did not leave my house:)
    good weekend for you

  35. Oh I forgot to mention this. Yes, there are head lice (pediculosis capitis), pit and body lice (pediculosis humanus) and pubic lice (pediculosis pubis). The lice jump and the most active ones are the body lice. I have seen them jump from the patients to the beds! The last one, pediculosis pubis or crab lice have hooks! I have an illustration of pediculosis pubis. I may dig it up and re-post it.

  36. I can not believe it,
    now I can leave comments as usual.
    Well do not remember if I told you it's cold here,
    is now 1.30 pm and there are 9 degrees of temperature bbbrrrr

  37. hello, there!! I warned you I'll be back :D
    Well I guess we should all say thanks to Brother George (Thanks!!!) for the parchment aeroplane and Illustration Friday, internet would be really boring without the amazing illustrations we see every week (I don't care much about facebook I guess).
    I love how they seem to have a great time with nothing more that a piece of paper, we should learn more about them...well except the licking roads part, no matter how much it could help my thinking I'm not gonna try that one, I'm ok not being a genius :)
    Is the local Abbot part of the Spanish Inquisition? I don't trust him.

  38. Heya. I stumbled upon an avatar-pic of you with a terrific glint in your teeth. You should do commercials for dentists! :D

  39. Funny, you story!Latin was the 1st foreign language I've learnt, when I was 11 years old,in a quite awful Briton boardingschool,(the inquisition atmosphere was present)run by 80 cloister nuns, here, in France.As a solely child, I told to myself stories in Latin, before sleeping.
    Your blog is wonderful, you are too prolific for me, I need days to watch your artwork from the beginning!
    Have a good week-end!

  40. Sorry, for my mistakes in English,obviously, it was not a briton boarding school!, but Breton

  41. Hi Andrew! I came here by you and the dream for me beginn.. your work is so beautifull and magic...

    ps: I have the same problem with my browse "safari" I buy a mac book and with safari I cant' leave commet at always all of my friend, but with chrome I have the same problem, i try mozilla too, but it's the same... can be the mac book? don't know.. I'm using now my old pc to write on blog... sig sig...

  42. Andrew! Many thanks for your positive feedback..you are SO kind. And, it is good to see your charming and handsome avatar! Hope all is well in Oz!

  43. I always enjoy the combination of seriousness & silliness in your work, & this is a perfect example. Did you know that the word "silly" originally meant "blessed"? I think these fellows might have well been responsible for that etymological evolution!

    Beautiful images too of course. Third is my favorite, sort of an origami annunciation!

  44. Pfffttt! What justice injustice thingamajig you are talking about. Puhleez!

  45. Andrew, I appreciate the compliment. Thank you very much. I happen to enjoy making them, sometimes I don't like the fact that I can't seem to stop, but at the end, they are just images and they just hang there.

  46. Andrew,
    that wonderful scene;
    with and without the characters!

    I loved the Latin texts, is a language master!!

  47. hahahaha this is so you, very funny :D
    finally im here and posting comments, yay!!!!
    did you miss me? xD

  48. i would like to meet this Frankis buddy...

  49. oh i just noticed the favicon!!!
    nice, we are awesome people arent we?


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