Jun 26, 2011

Midsummer Night's Dream

"I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,
Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows,
Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine,
With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine:"

Oberon: Midsummer Night's Dream (W.Shakespeare: Circa 1595)

Do you know 'resonance'?

When I was a kid I had a book entitled "Tales from Shakespeare" by Charles and Mary Lamb. On the cover it had a picture of this strange creature which seemed to be half man half donkey. Later I found out it 'were' Nick Bottom, a character from "Midsummer Night's Dream."  At about the same time I discovered that Bottom wasn't a donkey at all. In fact, in keeping with his name, he was an 'ass'.

So what's that have to do with 'resonance'?

Well, to be perfectly honest, all and nothing.

Shakespeare is wonderful for 'resonance'. You can immediately make a book appear to be more important by putting a Shakespearean quote in the frontispiece. It could be a book about cooking chooks, or a book on how to raise a two year old child with one leg longer than the other.

All the world's a stage,
and all the men and women merely players:
they have their exits and their entrances;
but the boy with one leg longer than the other,
he doth walk round and round:

Loves Labours Lost (W.Shakespeare (Act V, Scene II).

Regardless of the subject, including a Shakespearean quote will lift that book to another plane. Even if you have to make the quote up yourself  :)

And that's what resonance is all about.

Before I stop blahing, I need to tell you about another "Resonance by Association." Did you know that I rub shoulders with some wonderously talented people?

Yep! My friend Jack Foster has another book out. The man never sleeps. He's even set up a portfolio site with a list of  his  creations. About  time.

And then there's Amalia K. She just let slip about a few new books she'd forgoten about! What a memory eh? If I had those books out I'd be walking up and down the street shouting. You can see some of her influence in the little girl in this image.

And I shouldn't leave out Mita, whose list of books I discovered accidently while waiting for a bus the other day. The web address was written on the side of the bus shelter. Can  you believe that?

These three talented artists are really really starting to annoy me. :)

But not as much as Linda Hensley   whose latest work has me feeling itchy. :)


  1. Aaaaaaaahhhmazing!!! You never know with whom you are rubbing elbows.It might be the Father of American Urology himself! Isn't it great that these artists (except Mita, she is not an artist :), she is a witch) are oozing with creativity and achievement? Books after books with great illustrations, or information and some are academic disciplines, why some are even prized at $85.00 at Amazon.com, the last time I checked which was yesterday and published in many languages!!! AaaaaahhhhhhhmaXING!

    I laughed at Amalia's post. She is busy preparing for a special arrival and oh by the way, she just forgot to mention that she has been illustrating these books, HAHAHAHAH! And Dear lovely Lahksmita, who exerts as much effort as I do denying and refusing to be labeled an artist has an array of classic book illustrations, never mind, music CD album covers...

    But never mind that. What about you! Look at you!!! You are ahhhhhmazing. A successful launch of the most luscious illustrated children's book for adults!!!

    I don't think jack Foster sleeps. He also seem to illustrate these books in one day, and he has a full time job and he goes on vacation. Do you think he has an assistant? :)


  2. This is wonderful Andrew. Your post and Ces's comment both had me highly entertained. They are all amazing artists and amazing people. I didn't know about Mita's books either. They are lovely. Thanks for posting it so we could have a look :)

  3. I was fairly certain you'd be doing Shakespeare, I considered doing Mr Bottom myself, but opted otherwise.
    I like how you've glazed her content there in her bewilder~love. it's the glue of the whole composition.
    nice job.
    as usual.

  4. Wonderful piece, and Yes I do agree about Shakespeare. ;)

  5. Oh, you know, Andrew, when you are in a reunion of intellectual people. and there they are discussing a book you have not even been in your hands, you can not look like an ignorant,
    then all you have to do is say, "Ah, I love the concept subtly outlined on page 196" obviously, no one remembers what is written on page 196, and you stay at all as a very cultured person.
    well, I love how you've played in the illustration, the passage William wrote on the scene three of the second act, exactly on page 235 (obviously the original book published -in folio-, in 1623.)
    Ah, yes, yes ... I always felt very identified with Moon Watcher, not David Bowman...... aaahahahaaaaaaaaa .... NO! NO! HAL, NOT DO THIS PLEASE !!!!!

  6. Wow, this is an amazing piece of work Andrew. I love the contrasting colours and the way it glows so beautifully, oh and the typography you've cleverly integrated into the piece works wonderfully.

  7. Awesome... as are all of your illustrations. Just AWESOME!

  8. Oooooh! Your girl has a very fine ass! Not me. Whenever I look in the mirror, all I see is a half-ass.

    Such a beautiful scene! I love the twinkling lights and her soft feathery curls. Your work is elevated even without Mr. Shakespeare's help. If anything, you elevate his prose.

    My elbows are gilded from all the rubbing! I am in awe over the company I keep, you included.

  9. Moi, Andrew, j'en suis restée encore à Peau d'Âne de Charles Perrault...!! J'aime les contes... Ta petite héroïne a un regard irrésistiblement doux et rêveur... et puis j'aime les ânes, ils me fascinent.
    Gros bisous.

  10. How did I know you would do something wonderful for this week's prompt? Just lovely. Now that you've finished your Gretel book, maybe you should do another on Shakespeare? A best seller for sure :) Thanks for the mention! Itchy huh? I've never been so pleased to be such an irritation! I need to follow your links and see what I've been missing lately. I have a new goal to have my website on a bus shelter.

  11. Hi from Artichokistan! Speaking about anthromorphism, hmm.
    But seriously, I am wondering if the person on the picture has some eye systemic abnormality. Perhaps, you as O.D. may detect, to diagnose and treat this eye disease. This is just very intriguing part of the picture where my eye focus endlessly to reveal the mystery. Or maybe I have some eyes problems, I see things that might be there, but I do not see what others see....
    Hoping you are doing well and having fun. I'm going to listen to resonances of William. Or I will take some wine with honey ( good medicine according to Mr. R)

  12. You are all amazing artists and I am totally in *awe*!!!! I admire and wish I could have the talent that is brimming from you and all the rest of these fine people!! Maybe if I stopped daydreaming all the time I could get something done....lol!!!
    Great post!!!

  13. My memory. Yes, yes, that's something that holds me back...comes with the age, you know. Did I mention that I look like Yoda? Well, maybe with longer eyelashes and a few more strands of hair. :))

    Thanks by the way, for rubbing shoulders with me, it's been a very nourishing experience knowing someone who buys encyclopedias by the bulk and knows exactly how to put them to good use. Heheh.

    Oh, and your piece!! What can I say? It's mesmerizing! I love how dreamy it looks...as always an excellent job! (^_^) oxx

  14. Oh, her eyes are actually a bit scary! If I were an ass, I´m not sure I´d cuddle up to that girl, she looks slightly on the wrong side of the slaughter-border. Love her dress though. Well, love the whole picture, but just would sleep with one eye open to keep an eye on her movements....
    Did you read any Bill Bryson books? I´m in the middle of "Notes from a big country" Somehow I think you´d like his complaintive way of ridiculing the US.
    Hope you´re having a lovely time.
    Midsummer here means 12 degrees, rain and a new round of cough-syrup. But hey, no deadly snakes or spiders survive up here! So it´s true: not so bad, that it isn´t good for something.
    Am I very complaining myself today? Don´t mean to be. Sorry about that. Life is great, and as soon as the headache goes away, I intent to enjoy it to the fullest! :-D

  15. Well Mr. Blogger is still holding a grudge. I can't comment under my name....jack.....
    "Tis not the knowledge which abides in one's brain, but rather the aquaintances, or perhaps the aquaintances of aquaintances which enable one to conquer the task." It's not what you know, but who you know. :o) My best Shakespeare imitation. I was wondering if resonance works with comments. Does my comment seem a more important? I am so glad I've had the pleasure of meeting so many great artists (and witches). Andrew thanks for the honor of being mentioned in your blog.... but you are the man! You are so prolific and so inspiring. Glad I'm in such great company. Your Midsummer's Night Dream is great. Love the story about when you werte a kid. I guess "Bottom" is a perfect name for an ass. :o)

  16. Andrew - WONDERFUL!
    there's no such thing as a quick visit to your blog, always filled with humour, wit and intriguing links.
    I get trapped smiling and nodding at the comments and spell bound by your fantastically unique imagery!
    P.S Love the new header

  17. Andrew! Good morning. Your link did not work. Now I am curious.

  18. I got it. So funny. Thanks for the link. Heheheheh!

  19. ja wie die Sichtweisen so unterschiedlich sind, eine Freundin von mir Sibylle Berg Schweiz,(früher gemeinsam am Puppentheater)
    hat ein Buch geschrieben „ der Mann schläft“, deshalb mußte ich lächeln,
    wieder alles hoch fein gemalt bis in den winzigsten kleinen Punkt,
    viele Grüße von Jasmin

  20. Oh I almost forgot... I love that movie... Life is Beautiful! I want to be just like the dad. What a great attitude and wonderful love for his son! One of my all-time favorites. Hey I’m not anonymous anymore Woo Hoo!

  21. Amazing as always!And love to read your post:)

  22. Andrew, I really love this job!
    It has everything to enjoy!
    first in the captive, the beauty of the scene,
    very poetic, this figure man / donkey
    and the pretty girl, her clothes, fireflies ... wow! loved it !!...
    and more to quote from Shakespeare!
    is great, my compliments!

    and also enjoyed the links, the three artists who are you up! :))) are cool!!


  23. amazing! I wrote about Puck for Midsummer Night's dream, Shakespeare's fantasy was just incredible! your work is beautiful!

  24. I'm a little bit late, but I've been here several times just to admire your work! Simply to look at it and feel better, and feel proud to know you, Andrew! I find it slightly different - warm, soft, poetic... More than usual. The girl's face is beautiful! Does Amalia realize her magic forces?:) There's a harmony - in moods, in colours... What a Midsummer Night - I would like to be a part of it, no matter with or without Shakespeare...:0)
    All the artists you talk about are so talented! And inspiring... I'm happy to know them! And YOU - always amazing, always surprising!:-)

  25. AHHHH! Hilarious, Andrew! Love your quote..and oh goodness, how beautiful your maiden is! You are so funny..I had to click on Linda's blog to see what has you so itchy! Aren't our fellow friends just awesome..you are right! I would be running down the streets with all of those fabulous pieces of work! (I am jealous too my friend)! Always wonderful to see your rich work. I love the image..that ass is gorgeous! : )

  26. Hey, What is this?
    why he is up there, Mr. Robert, who whispers in the dark, roberto again, sgt. roberto, elquesusurrainthedarkness, robertOh! (really deserves this guy?)
    ...Indonesia's witch figure more times than I! :(
    (Good weeq en)

  27. you know, she has such a perfect nose, im jealous =(

    and you, you are amazing, did you know that?
    thanks so much andrew :D

  28. It's been too quiet here. What's going on? Hope you are well. Take care.

  29. Ugh, what the heck is going on? I have to enter the comment twice so it will post. As I was saying, I just read Mita's comment. Hahahah! She does not need a nose job. Hers is perfect.

  30. What's with the commenters' header? Ugh, now people will know where I hang out. Hahahaha!

  31. Estimado Andrew, el mundo esta sobre poblado, no creo que podamos ir sin ser la caja de resonancia de los que ya han pasado por este camino. Lo que a mi siempre me sorprende de ti y tus trabajos es esa capacidad que tienes de rastrear los detalles, de mirar hacia el otro lado de la muralla. Solo los que han estado ahi y saben mirar son los que verdaderamente viven. Me alegra enormemente encontrarme en tu universo de observaciones....

    Besos multiples

  32. Oh LOL!
    You're not interested in opening a shop selling wedding dresses?
    Hear this: Werdna Wedding! ha ha sounds good to the ear!
    Outside of a joke, thanks for stopping, after so long.!
    Hmmm, I wanted to be up there, I felt important somehow

  33. Ha Ha thanks for your good humor.
    well, actually, now boys and girls do not marry, you know, they rent an apartment and they goes to live together, I do not know if it's a business that can earn money! I'll think a better idea. I'll tell you tomorrow!

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