Jun 30, 2010

Inside Outside; (I love a fake Haiku)

and the child friendly version :)

Like Russian Dolls, one inside the other,
Or Roman Sarcophagi;*
Cherry Blossum

A quickie For Mr  Spoqui. Inside Outside 
Challenge One.
Thank for the heads up Roberto Marin and Amba.
Doyourselfafavour * and have a look at their work. Intelligent and fresh and thoughtful.

*A sarcophagus means "flesh-eater" in Greek. Isn't that amazing?
*Apologies   for the 'poem'. I love a fake Haiku.
* "Doyourselfafavour": an Australian expression meaning "do yourself a favor"


  1. Very cool, I wish I had time to do this too.

  2. Hello Andrew!
    thank you so much! I'm so grateful, so honored...
    I think you don't remember, or maybe you do, but... do you remember my first comment about your art? on monday art, for the "favorite food"? I was so impressed... how can you make those images, so magic? I'm a zero in computer art... you are, well... I'm impressed every time I come here :)

    thank you again, and that concept is fantastic, i love russian dolls, ahah, this illustration is really amazing, i love the expression of the boy

  3. Andrew, your ability to work really is amazing.
    "You are the famous "four-arms Andrew"? Otherwise, I do not understand how you can produce as many illustrations.
    Congratulations, your interpretation is very smart of: inside / outside!
    (Do not know if you mean the Roberto is me, but if so, thank you very much for nothing).

  4. Here I am enjoying the views from the highlands of Himalayas... and what do I see? A line of meaningful metaphors of life, death and the very nature of life. But of course...

    A Babushka doll, hopefully one revealed from another, not hidden inside the other. Like the Sakura tree, blossoming into a cloud of breathtaking serenity, wilting and dying away so fast. Sarcophagus, the eternal bed of mortality as it ended, although a life of a centurion is one I hope no one has to live to its full extend. :)

    Forgive me, my babbles and rambles often mean nothing. :)

  5. Heya Laura, thanks very much :)

    Karen! You will have time - eventually. Presently I am experiencing a mis-spent adulthood - my lawn needs mowing, and so does my hair! What will the neigh-bours say? They will s ay "he's on that computer again, making that silly digital art". Why doesn't he get a job!

    Hello Amba, thank you a lot, of course I remember. Mr Spoqui site is very good and vigorous. Thank you for setting it up.

    Roberto: that's very funny about the famous four arms. I cracked up :) What I do is easy and fast. It's preparation that is hard. My work is like painting the barn wall. If you prepare it properly and scrape it back etc it goes on more smoothly. (sometimes it doesn't go on at all!)

    Today it is six degrees and two boys were shot in the street down the road for having loud music..... Did you see the full moon last Saturday and the eclipse? The earth took a bite from the moon.

    Amalia: gee i keep forgeting you are so smart (just kidding). Thankyou for your observations. I hope the Himalayas is settling down around you in a nice way. You are not babbling, it's quite beautiful poetry your prose.

    PS Roberto I saw the link on your site with your very apt illustration for the topic.

    Thank you again.

    Nearly the weekend (well it's Thursday :) )

  6. All right, Guvnor? Pretty poetry aside, would you like the 'Shakespeare' version on that Haiku? I'd be obliged to do it, of course, with just a small token of fee. The same currency, in the usual account, if you don't mind... (6_6)... (^-^)

  7. Haiku to you!
    Judo and Karate too!
    Tae Kwan Do!

    Love the illustrations. I like nesting dolls! Is it a also called a doll if it is a boy?

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I see you are over at my blog and I am sending you money now? HAHAHAHA! I thought you were sending me money?

  9. Hah! I am on top again! Yeah!

  10. AAAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKK! The word verification for the above comment was "prostio." That's it! I am leaving! Goodnight!

  11. Ah, the Russian inspiration still lingers on I can see... And with it comes back a bit of the wickedness too. How delightful.

    Because of this (and the great irony) I forgive you for the fake haiku (if I am not mistaken it is rather a fake one and a half haiku) :D

  12. Great work. I love the touch of pink given by the cherry blossoms and the lights and shadows in the first one.
    I believe this is my first visit...the little red riding hood and pinochio are amazing.I know those are previous posts but I had to mention how much I like those :D

  13. sorry for my terribly bad english writing.

  14. WHUH-HEY-Hahaha! Is this Robert Jordan again? Or perhaps they shop at the same apparel shop for vests. So very cool! And I'm partial to baldies, myself having been bald for the first few years of my life.

  15. Heh;

    Thankyou, That's very all very funny.

    Hey Ana your English is great! Probably better than mine :)

    Amalia and Ces and Kinga? What can I say.? Maybe I just love your work and am very honoured that you comment on mine.

    thankyou :)

    PS Bella I'm off to shabe my head! err I mean 'shave;

  16. the child friendly version is VERY good!! oh hello, im sorry i missed this post :((

  17. I really love the themes you pick and your interpretations of them....Nice, love it!


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