Jun 28, 2013


Well, I don't know about you, but I've been discriminated against all of my life.

It all started when I was a child and my mother used to make me give up my seat in the bus for little old ladies.

Just because I was a child and they were old.

But of course in those days I was short and now I am tall. Then I was smart, now I am confused. And fat you ask? No, now I have matured, like cheese left in a cage full of mice ...

No, that's not right.

Let's start again. That sounded like incoherent rambling.

Did you ever study 1984? by Thomas Orwell.

Hmm that doesn't sound right either. Frank Orwell? No he invented air-o-planes. Thomas Cromwell... no he has his head on a pike somewhere. That will teach him for having an affair.

Anyway, in 1984 .... no I mean Animal Farm .... they have this saying. "All animals are created equal. But some animals are more equal than others."

Or similar.

But don't you just love it? Big brother. Doublethink. We have a lot to thank Orwell for. He put labels on concepts that we sort of suspected existed, but couldn't discuss until we had the correct etymology.

Hold on, let me go and goggle etymology.

Ahh, just as I suspected, I don't know what I am talking about.

Of course Etymolgy is the study of insects.....

So yes, where were we? Ah, that egalitarian concept of equality. What a lot of doublethinking hoohah. If everything was equal we would live in a land of no sense. There would be no contrast, no stimulation.

Did you know that if, as an experiment,  you sit on a really cold chair (eg. one that has just come from a cool room) then your bottom bones will become really, really cold? In fact your bottom's nerve receptors will go 'twing twang, twong"

And if, while you are wriggling away, deciding if you really want to take part in this experiment, someone comes up from behind and drops a small brick on one of your toes, you immediately forget about the cold sensation in your bottom?


It's plain we react to contrasts, that the joy of our world is contrast, that our raison d'etre is to contrast.

It's obvious to people sitting on really cold chairs, that the idea of all things being equal, isn't quite as beautiful as it seems.

There, I've made my case, I've dugged my dirt, I've used "twing, twang twong" in a sentence.

Time for me to go and sit on a really very obnoxiously cold chair and wait for someone to come along with a brick. Or a little old lady, to whom I would willingly up my chair give -as Winston Smith Churchill avoiding sentences ending in propositions would say.


Oh, I really need to tell you about Henri Cartier George Orwell Bresson and his compositional devices which some of these silly pics are based on.

Hold on, here comes a little old lady heading in my direction now! She's kind of smiling oddly. And looking at me.

She's holding something behind her ba....

By the way  thank you artisjokken and thank you deeol, :) I'm glad you didn't mind my rambling! cheers from ere :)