Jun 23, 2013

TV Surveillance Beam and Miss Pat.


"When I was a kid.... "

Now how often do you hear when I was a kid in a story that someone is telling you?

"Yeah, yeah," we think, "I was a kid too once. Tell me about it.."

So when I was a kid I used to watch this nice lady on the TV. She had a kid's show, and at the end of each show would pull out her magic mirror and hold it in front of her face. The magic mirror was so magic it didn't have a back or a front to it, which means that the nice lady could look through it, straight into the camera, straight into my living room and straight into my poor little five year old's soul.

Well so she thought.

Next she would say the magic incantation: "Romper, bomper, stomper boo. Tell me, tell me, tell me, do. Magic Mirror, tell me today, have all my friends had fun at play?"

Then she would say "I can see Ces, and I can see Luedek, and I can see Theresa and I can see Amalia, and Shirley, and Linda and Karen and Aino, and I can see Janne and I can see Martine and I can see Bella and Brian and Bob and Bernadette and Belinda and I can see ...."

Well you get the picture,

But she would never see "Andrew" because just before I turned on the TV I would carefully place a set of Invisible X-ray glasses (reg. trademark) on my head. These Invisable X-Ray glasses made me impervious to any TV surveillance beam - well that's what it said on the back of the comic book we ordered them from.

In a nutshell,  as long as I was wearing my Invisable X-Ray glasses  I could see her. But she couldn't see me.

I still have those Invisable X-Ray glasses to this day. In fact I am wearing them now. Which is why you can't see me. :)

And you probably really want to know this next bit.

In Oz our "hostesses", as they were called, were Miss Susan, Miss Patricia, Miss Colleen, Miss Helena and Miss Megan.

So there.


Thanks for reading.

This image isn't political. It's just a Rorschach test . I make the image. The emotive correlatives of the participant elements suggest the meaning, a meaning which is dependent on audience and context.

The sheep on the left is asleep by the way.

Sorry I haven't been around. I've actually been making a lot of images.

I have images coming out of my ears, running across the floor, hiding in cupboards, at the back of the dishwasher, in half empty Kellog's Cornflakes packs and even sliding between the mouldy old oranges in the fruit bowl..

I even found one in back of the the freezer the other day, shivering away. I think it had hidden in there by mistake, but when I asked it what it was doing there it was too numb to talk.

I warmed it up with the iron - which was a mistake because now it is very flat but the plastic coating kind of got stuck on the iron....

Wonder what my wife will say when she tries to iron her white linen business shirt tomorrow morning?

Seriously, it's alright to be nuts. It hasn't affected me one little but... er "bit".

"But" is what they say in New Zilland.

P/P/S My IF Catcha Code was exhalations longovie. I think someone is watching me.... do dooo doo doooh