Dec 7, 2011

The Sky is Falling

My good friends  Karen and Shirley put me on to the SCBWI challenge about the Sky Is Falling - a story I confess to having never read till two days ago. Very interesting....

If you are doing this challenge please feel free to leave a note. I would love to see your approach.

Of course me not being in the SCBWI could be a problem :) If you are in Oz and a member please let me know what it's like so I can be tempted :)

cheers from here 

Thank you for your visit!


  1. Bonjour mon cher Andrew,
    Cette dernière création est incontestablement encore une oeuvre remplie d'originalité et de poésie... tous vos animaux sont sublimes, ils sont très distingués... La poule a même un sac "kelly"! quelle classe. Ils sont tous chapeautés... Mais attention à ce renard rempli de malice!!! Le tout dans une merveilleuse flore qu'est le myosotis ou forget me not!...
    Et moi dès que possible j'essaie de ne pas oublier de venir te rendre visite...
    Gros bisous à bientôt!

    J'espère que le traducteur Google cessera de raconter des bêtises!!...

  2. hallo Andrew, wie schön,
    die Farben, ich bin froh, daß der Fuchs die nette Ganz verschont?...
    ja mir fallen die guten alten Märchen ein. Oft der Wahrheit entsprechend und direkt aus dem Leben.
    eine schöne Kindheitserinnerung,
    die immer blauen Vergissmeinnicht aus dem Buch der Poesie,
    mit vielen Grüßen Jasmin

  3. Hi my dear friend, first let me tell you that it is a great pleasure to see you again after my long absence (cause my moving)

    well unfortunately I'm not a member of scbwi
    Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators

    the only that i can say to you is that your imagin make me dreaming of a magic and mysterious world, I'm sure that if I had seen your works as I was small, I would have really dreamed with open eyes for days...

  4. How about Lil Kim? Isn't she a member of SCBWI in Oz? I am thinking that she is, though I could be mistaken. I don't remember but I'm thinking that it isn't too much to join. I'll check and get back with you though because it's been a while and I don't remember anything much ;)

  5. Ok, it's a little more than I remembered but not horrible I guess. It's $85 the first year and $70 to renew after a year. I was thinking like $60 but it's been while.

  6. Well.

    I could have sworn I just read something quite funny here. After my epileptic laughing fit, all I remember now is something about boiled cabbage up nostrils and monkeys. Hehehehehehehe

    Aaaah! What a shame you are not a member! I think your answer to the challenge is great! The way the geese are admiring Turkey Lurkey's spectacles while he stands there with such a distinguished and serious expression makes me laugh! And I love the low-level vantage point. Hehehehe, I can't believe you did this just for the hell of it.


  7. ha ha you made me smile ha ha we have ONLY fig Jam !

  8. You are amaaaaaaazing dear Andrew! This is a fabulous entry..I do hope you entered did, right?! Ces, I just used an interrobang! Ha ha! Oh gosh, astound me..compositionally, conceptually, I love this! I am so glad you read the book and decided to work on this piece. And goodness I've missed your Brigade too..shame on me. I love the text added in the 2nd image. Perfect for Christmas I say! Thank you for visiting my "interview" - you are so kind..and it is I who is so glad to have met you for you keep pushing me forward I tell you..thanks my friend!

  9. Such fun! I think I'll just do cheering on the sidelines for this competition. I love all the birdies and all of the color in this piece. Nice job! Gotta get myself a hat like that :)

  10. hello andrew.
    do you know why i like you?
    because you speak Prada.

  11. this is Prada Saffiano Lux tote bag in pink:


  12. hey hello andrew finnie thanks those many words you sent me i was very very happy and i saw at the very minute it was not you in the avatar i had already known you your real face is not like that and of this picture you posted here i tell you your chickens is not like real ones turkey fox and the others are quite okay. is it a folk tale. i think it is bye

  13. I lovelovelovelovelove your interpretation!!! I especially love the fashionable creatures and the details, the little flowers on the ground. Are you sure you are not a fashion designer? I thought of doing this challenge too but I am not a member either and I already started so many unfinished projects. I hope you are well. I love the colors. It seems as if the sun is shining after a rain and it's afternoon just before dusk.

  14. Oh, that separation is terrible, I imagine that sharks arrive to that place, in a second, Terrible!
    That happens with the book, while reading in bed, it happens to me every night. luckily my nose is large, it leaves a good mark on the page, enough to know, the next night, in what place I was reading, I like the third image
    good week

  15. This is great! You should submit it to the contest. It takes five minutes (and $85) to join, then you're a member, for a year anyway.
    You are so good at telling a story with one picture! I always enjoy lingering and finding the details.
    I made a submission today. I'll post it later in the week. See ya! :)

  16. Thanks for the comment:)Your new illustrations are amazing.You asked about new illo from me I hope to do something before Xmas:)


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