Dec 2, 2011


Thank you so much to everyone who checked out my new portfolio site.
And thank you for enjoying hump day and being good sports :) 

There are some few people I would still like to visit. I am the tortoise in that Aesop's fable, you know, that one about the dog and the tortoise where the tortoise (named Rhonda)  has a nanny nap .... 

'Rhonda'? Hmm must go and look that one up :)

So my deepest apologies to you. You know who you are.... 

Meanwhile I hear Bella Sinclair has some wonderful news :) She rips!
Congratulations Bella !!!

Oh this image is for IF's "Brigade". I gave the colonel a Santa beard and hat, but he looked silly. That's why the dog is running away.

see you and thank you very much for your visit!

(note to self: time for this image 6.14 am till 9.50 am)


  1. I love the "Aggh cute" label, hehehe, love this illustration too, the soldiers make me think of the Nutcracker :)

  2. Hi A!
    blaaa, blaa, blaa blaaaa.............
    yes,, soooo looong?

    Blaa, blaa, nice red,.........bllaa, blaaa, yeah, poor dog.

    Well, hopefully it is clear. I am going to enjoy rain and storm!! But first I have to find my garden chairs - blown away- I hope not so far!
    Have a Nice weekend !

  3. Une très belle oeuvre à la hauteur de ton talent mon cher!... J'aime particulièrement le regard doux du cheval... Ce petit garçon pourrait être mon petit Nathan!
    l'un de mes fils possédait autrefois un petit soldat articulé... Il a tant joué avec en tirant sur la cordelette qui lui faisait lever les membres!...
    Gros bisous et bon week-end à toi.

  4. Maybe the dog is running because once Teddy gets it, the dog is next? Absolutely perfect for "brigade". I love all the red :D

  5. Oh that young man has wonderfully sculpted buttocks!!!

  6. Ooooh almost forgot. Yeah! Bella Sinclair rips. Her FPOT cannot be contained. I love Bella Sinclair. Tsup!!!

  7. What the what???? Why am I linked here? My news was not big. And excuse me for ripping. I had a burrito for lunch, what can I say.

    Mr, Finnie, Mr. Finnie! I adore this image! I thought it was enchanting and so fantastic for this time of year! Despite the murder of crows lurking in the background, I actually thought this was a cheery image with the boy giving the brigadier some words of encouragement or a message for Santa. But noooooooooo! Then I read the threatening text. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, you got me good. My brain did such a 180 that my noggin has whiplash. Bravo, sir!

    Thanks for the shout out. Have a marvelous day!

  8. Mr Finnie, good morning!!
    I am back to disturb early sunday morning ( for you evening I guess ;) with my very intelligent comments. But there is someone fainted!!! I see his legs, poor guy, it was probably one of the most sensitive soldiers from "red" brigade.

    On places, where concentration of uniforms is very high happen usually nasty things ....

  9. (unbelievable, I had to fill bloodyi as verification word!!!)

  10. If only I could get my boys' hair to slick back like that...

    That guy better get up quick before he gets noticed, that's some sloppy form on his part.

  11. Ha HA! I think I would advise him to sacrifice Teddy. He can always get another one ;)
    Fabulous illustration!!

  12. Ho.... Mr Finnie !! Always such a pleasure to visit your site (no, I should say... visit your world!) because it really is a world apart. :) Love this brigade of petits soldats de bois! Perfect for the theme of the week, and for the holidays too !! Beautiful.

  13. You´ve got a new, devilish heading! Especially the raven. Very cool. Even though I´m not very devilish myself. Or maybe I´m fooling myself. I´ve been called a witch by more than a handful...
    Anyway. Great art! Yes, that is what I´m here for. This time I´m especially struck by the red (favorite color) and of course, as always, your humor! :-) enjoy the coming week!

  14. I got the feeling christmas must be amazing in Oz...I need to buy a ticket and start packing.

  15. Now, of all your posts, how on earth did I miss the one about "hump day"??? Being a most interesting and important subject matter, of course... You know me. Hehe.

    Hey, would you believe me if I told you that I actually imagined you doing something with wooden toy soldiers the minute I saw the word "brigade" on IF? And you did a fine job with it too! One question though...why does the horse look so sad? And where is that doggy running to or away from? (well, make that two questions).

    How's the sun over there? Flashing about? It's been hiding under the coat here lately.. :))


  16. Me encanta tu blog, esta siempre en movimiento, todo el tiempo se reinventa y sorprende.

    Un beso

  17. MR. Finnie , the song of wooden soldier.....


  18. Did you take Elizabeth's teddy? I am very intrigued as to how you create your beautiful illustrations.

  19. i'm here again and i've just watched your things on youtube and i think it's a bit long and fast and i always had to pause the film and i think your music didn't match. okay of this piece your brigade a kinda riddle to me and i've no been able to figure it out it's so chaotic for example why is the brigade facing the wall . and the brigadier is too scary and his horse is so sad. is this your boy's bad dream. is he yelling at the soldier or scared cos his bear's trapped i think he's scared. and the soldie is bad and his horse knows it and feeling pity for the boy. i think this one's too scary for me for now and you're so different in your paintings. okay see you later bye!

  20. Gracias por visitarme, es un honor.
    A mi también me encanta su blog, está genial, muy creativo, colorido, fantástico.

    Saludos desde Panamá

  21. i think the horse certainly has a kind eye.


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