Mar 30, 2018

Happy Easter 2018!

Happy Easter to all and Sundry :) I hope everyone is well and making wonderful art!

Here's a few details of my homage to Fra Angelico's (d.1455) work 'The Crucifixion' (1420), to help celebrate Easter.
Fra Angelico was one of the first artists to use linear perspective, but while I was studying his work I found his spatial constructions fairly compressed - so when I made this work I worked with a series of images constructed like collages to try and achieve that same compression.
This work is one of the works presently on the wall at the Hugo Ball show - at Maitland Regional Art Gallery, NSW Australia.
There's more about the show here at 
Thank you for looking.


  1. Love the vivid colors. Thanks for giving me art lessons. It's always nice to learn new things, or maybe I saw this kind of thing in art history classes, but you make it more fun to learn about :)

    1. Hey thank you Linda :) Oh the pleasure is mine! I learnt so much doing this. Hope you are well !


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