Aug 29, 2012

Dad Jokes


I'm sorry I haven't been around. Recently I've had  remarkable good fortune that is, unexpectedly, taking up all of my spare time. By all, I mean all.
Which, by a remarkable coincidence, happens to rhyme remarkably well with this week's Illustration Friday prompt which is of course, Goanna....
Err, I mean Tall...... 
This image was in a book I made just after my accident.... about a little girl who loses some 'things' (not just her hair)  and goes looking for them.....
Thank you so much to all those who commented on my last post.
And made suggestions for books. I appreciate it very much.
I'll make a post about the books I managed to get my hands on soon.
And thank you for looking at  my work.
If all goes well I  will be back on board shortly.....
You can't get rid of me that easily :)


  1. I'm at CVI and have my laptop on power-saver, so I don't have enough light to fully appreciate the illustration. I love the addition of the giraffe. It adds interest to it and the giraffe's eye is great. It's drawing me in. Ok, I'll be back when I can see more.

  2. OOOOOOOH, you make me drunk with happiness! Can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait! The graceful flow of her dress is gorgeous and her pose is perfection. Fantastico!!! Now back to work with you!

  3. Oh, I even can't imagine my parallel, blogging life without you! If the "tall" theme provoked you to appear for a while, I do hope you will return pretty soon! No need to wait for themes like "loud" or "high", for example... I miss your posts, Andrew! Hope you are getting stronger and better!:)
    The giraffe is impressive!

  4. kay, I'm back, and I can see today ;) Well, the giraffe is still my favorite part, and I really love the trunk of the wide tree too :D Soooooo, I hope you are working hard on your project. I can't wait to see it and we misssssssss you!

  5. hi Mr. F! Well I see your absence had a reason! Very tall reason :)
    I will be back when my veins contain undiluted blood again ...

    That girl lost probably patience and I expect on the next picture she is smashing with that stick tall neck of ... (you can fill it in....)
    Have a nice day and enjoy the second 500 ml of red cab sav merlot!!!!

  6. Hey--where are your comments on your NEXT post--the one with the kindof creepy guy. I wanted to say how much I like that picture--the formal composition of it, with the vertical lines and splayed out legs of....Ralph?..... and the cat sitting on the right hand side.

    But this one is really cool too. I like the balance of it as well, and it is rich with texture and color, and marvelous sense of movement with her dress, arms and walking stick, and the giraffe's limbs and necks, and all those white animals looking here and there.

    It's really nice to see your work again, though I'm glad that your time is being taking up with something marvelous.

  7. yessss where is the commwnt place in the next post??? i want to say too that I love your picture

    :-) how are you my friend?

  8. Oh, wie traurig, oh wie schön, das kleine Mädchen im menschlichen Schicksal, ein langer Weg, sie wendet sich an die Tierwelt, ihre verzweifelte letzte Hoffnung, die ihr geblieben ist.

    mit vielen Grüßen Jasmin

    Andrew, dieses kleine Schicksal berührt, wie viel Kinder Seelen auf der Welt träumen von Sonnenschein und Hoffnung!

  9. I've MISSED you! Coming here is like drinking a legendary elixir. I feel refreshed and giddy and lightheaded! No need to come out of hiding, my friend. Your silence only means you are busy making magic, and that makes me so verrrrrrrrrry verrrrrry ecstatic and excited! Go go go go!

    ps, so sorry to hear about your friend. Such a tremendous loss.

  10. Oh nooooooooo! Say it ain't so, Papa Joe! I was praying that you were only joking about ordering it. GAH. I'd like to order a tub of Ralph's skin cream, thank you.

    Eerie music? I LOVE eerie music! It's the soundtrack to my life!

  11. Aaaarrr! I had to scroll all the way down here so I can say hello. Hello! I shall return after I unpack. and sleep. I did not sleep for three nights because I missed my family and the 60F room temperature felt more like 90F. I was in America's heartland for four days. Hope all is well with you. Thank you for all the wonderful and kind comments. Tsup!


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