Apr 23, 2012

i love my opioids

sorry to be gone again 
s day came and went.
stands for shoulder day. 
now i have so much to say
and only two fingers to say it with.
heh ;0
s also stands for
subscapularis tendon 
ever heard of it?
me neither 
well not till a few weeks ago
when subscap breaks
they can reattach it with screws ?
(s stands for)

thank goodness for surgeons

afterwards they put your arm in a brace so you don't tear the tendon away
again - which would be silly (another 's' word)
so these images were done left handed. 
like the typing.
the monkeys are puzzled for illustration friday.

the next couple are for height .... well at least i think they are 

i'd be lying if i said that i knew what mice had to do with anything, but i just had the urge to entertain the cat... anyway, my brace comes off in six weeks, so if i comment on your blog in a taciturn manner it doesn't mean i didn't want to grargle on like i usually do

i'm using voice control for keyboard shortcuts but un fortunately the dictation software with vista doesn't like my australian accent

but before i go a brief commercial break

i really want to tell you about endone - it's an opioid they give you and it's just unreal,
trouble is,
you need to lie down in bed and put a seatbelt on thats firmly strapped to the matress,

before you 'drop' the tablet and then hold on to the sides of the bed
its like dreaming in blueray with dolby 7.9 surround sound


but seriously, thankyou for visiting, i hope you are well



ps heres a pic of a subscap tear that i didn't make (image from here )
and some great yucky pics here of the biceps tenodesis 

thanks to everyone who wrote and sent good wishes :) much appreciated!


  1. I want some of those drugs. If they enable you to create these wonderful images then give it to me IV. baby! So glad to see a post from you today. You had to go to surgery yo be able to type with two fingers? Huh? Doesn't everybody type that way? I have! Hehehehe. So happy you are recovering well, I hope. Gotta go to work. Take care very well. Tsup!

  2. your choice of colours is fantastic, and so nice to see you again

  3. Wow, obviously the opioids and limited use of your hand have not limited your talent and ability. These are sooooo coool! And I love the one for heights also! I love the visual of your shoulder damage, that must have been incredibly painful and debilitating. Take care, make sure you are strapped in well and use the time to dream up more awesome work! Sorry the dictation software doesn't like your accent,they can be fussy like that ;)

  4. I am NOT well, but I am better than you are. I am staying home from work today, actually sick, but all my arm and hand and fingers are working, though I am having to take a break from wicked cross-hatching because it's killing my wrist.

    I really LIKE the monkeys and their psychodelic colors (I really don't know how to spell that word). They are flat, but the colors are so so luminous that the whole thing puts me into some kind of dream state. I should actually go back to bed, but I have more grading to do.....

    Hope everything heals up soon.

  5. with or without opioids....I do enjoy it anyway, Andrew!
    I just studied the Tenodesis site : Oh boy, the GENERAL ADVICE of not eating or drinking anything after midnight is horrible!

    ( but do not worry, good shiraz is not "anything" , it is SOMETHING, so you can drink it)

    Did I mentioned I do like your many- jars-rat -boys- picture?
    I remember a pharmacy/drugstore somewhere in Artichokistan I visited some years ago....It was almost the same as on your picture!

    I wish you very fast recovery !!

    (my stock of Shiraz is zero , but I have got some great blend shiraz/cab sou..... I will rise a glass tonight!!

  6. Oh comme je te plains de souffrir de ce problème... La coiffe est un truc qui fait énormément souffrir et j'ose espérer qu'aucune séquelle ne survienne ultérieurement...
    J'adore tes singes et l'harmonie des couleurs... Ils ont une expression particulièrement attachante.
    Dans ton illustration je peux te dire que moi je serais à la cime de l'échelle tant j'ai peur des souris et des rats! Je crois qu'il faudrait même plus d'un chat pour venir à bout d'une telle horde !...
    Superbe travail...
    Avec une main tu peux encore manger des glaces!... afin de patienter pour obtenir la meilleure guérison possible.
    gros bisous

  7. Dear Andrew! You are a hero - lying and typing to say "hello!" to us (I'm using maximum 4 fingers, don't worry!),and trying to behave as if nothing so special happened! But it did! And I suppose the whole experience was and maybe is still very painful!!! I hope your sense of humour will help you to recover quickly and someone's cares for you would be a good medicine, too!
    My father was a surgeon and a neurosurgeon - the scientific materials remind me of him and from the other side show me how genially constructed our body is and how little we know about it...
    Take care, sleep and read a lot and try to find the good sides of the bad situation!
    Warm, spring hugs!!

  8. OW! You're having a hard year, aren't you? I hope you heal fast. Love all the illos, but especially the monkeys. I'm just hoping that you aren't saying your surgeons are monkeys? When I was in college, a teacher said I was too controlled (picky) right-handed, so he made me work left-handed for a while. It was a good exercise, but since I'm pretty ambidextrous, he got frustrated with me for being picky left-handed too. But... maybe this experience will work better for you? Sending healing thoughts!

  9. Back up a minute, bro. You did that left handed? Jeepers, Mr. Finnie. Put me into deeper shame, why dontcha. It is eerie and cool at the same time. I think if I had some opioids, I could seriously enjoy these monkeys to their fullest. Trippy!

    And whoa, that boy sure has some height! I always wanted a room like that. I'd fill it with jars of candy. And books. Old leather volumes. How wonderful that would be! The rats would have to go, of course.

    Ye gads. I was hoping that since you were, you know, gimpy, the playing field would be a little more level now talent-wise. But noooOOOOoooo. You have to go on still being awesome. Pffft.

  10. First of all...WELCOME BACK, and YIPPEEEE that you're on your way with your recovery from surgery!! Yahoooooo!! Now, waitaminute, Andrew...left handed?!! Amazing! Your talents floor me. And goodness, I'm sure you typed and spoke and illustrated and wrote all with the left hand and even a bit under opioids too! I am so very impressed. I LOVE the fabulous monkeys..goodness, they are wonderful! And heights is fantastical-magical. SO very well done! I am wishing you a most speedy, restful and peaceful recovery, dear Andrew. Don't overtax yourself..I am so very happy to see your fabulous art and read your very entertaining posts again. Take good care!!

  11. Wow- great image for height! Really amazing picture!

  12. But do your opiods love YOU? I wish you all the best in recovery (oh,that didn't come out right) well, you know what I mean! I guess the whatsis tendon isn't anywhere near the sense of humor! Blessings on you, Andrew.

  13. Hoping you to feel better soon:)The illos are as always amazing:)

  14. hugs... :((
    you know where to find me.

    bye, take care, S.


  15. Glad s-day seems to have gone well - if the images you post are an indication of what your mind is capable, being sent on an uncontrolled ride through your own imagination must be SOME ride.

    Monkeys sure do look puzzled.

    All the best from Canada.

  16. Love the three monkeys (the colours are exquisite), and the elves! Beautifully done!

  17. Hey buddy! So glad the Surgery was a Success. Wishing you a Super Speedy recovery. Your monkeys are Splendid! ... and the heights are Spectacular. Thanks for joining my two finger typing club! Subcaps, Shoulder, Surgery, Scalpel, SSSStop! My brain is full of S’s. Sincerely, Sack.... er I mean Jack

  18. Funny little leprechaun, how the &$#%&! did you know?!?! Did you have something to do with that??? :0

  19. Hi there Andrew~Sorry to hear you've had a tough time of it. Wishing you the best. Love the monkeys!

  20. Hello Andrew. I have been thinking of you. I hope you are getting better. Take it easy though. Do not push yourself. Rest. Tsup!

  21. Very nice work and I wish you all the best!

  22. Just stopping here to say that I hope you are getting better!!:) I'm sending you my "hi!" on a looooong and hoooooot sunray...

  23. Hi Andrew, I love the Monkeys. Are you getting better? Are you bored yet? Do you like my violets?

  24. Hi Andrew, sorry I published as Anonymous I think i had a brief caniption.

  25. Andrew,
    I came here to visit youand let my wishes for a speedy recovery ..
    indeed the key word for your situation, is "patience"
    but you already on condition that "patient"!
    then patience ....

    and now, I hope you have is much better!
    a big hug!

  26. I've been such a bad friend.
    Can't believe it took me two weeks before I came to visit. :(

    So how can I make it up to you?
    A crate of mangoes?
    A box of cigars?
    A cage of mice?
    Or maybe a cool cyborg arm extension?
    Just let me know, I'll send them first class. (^_^)

    Meanwhile, take care, friend. You are definitely missed.

  27. My bad for not knowing all this was going on. I've been here-there-and-everywhere else lately :( Wishing you all the best for a VERY smooth recovery!!! PS -loving the monkeys :)

  28. Hello Andrew,
    Hope you are much better now :)
    I LOVE the way you use colour in the monkeys illustration.

  29. I'm a bit worried about some of my comments too because I've taking medication for anxiety and insomnia the last few weeks.
    I hope I haven't mixed my spanish, english and nonsense...
    Do you know you make endone sound like Aldous Huxley's soma?


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