Oct 8, 2011

The Devil's Organ, Art's Fairy Tail Houses, Carousel Horse

Did I tell you I have four illustrated books on my hard drive? 3 are 3/4 finished. The other is finished, yet I have not sent it away.

I guess I like the making not the selling.

This is from one of those books. This is a room in a special place for all those people who look you in the eye while telling you a lie. 

Well in style it's .... Goya meets Dante for lunch and ends up having breakfast with Breughel and Bosche. One of the devils in the background has a mask borrowed from one of Bosche or Breughel - I cannot remember.

It's for IF's Contraption. As you can see, the horned guy in front is 'playing' the choir on an organ that has no pipes.

Even though they are pulling faces I hope you didn't laugh. It's hard to sing while someone is poking your nether regions with a very hot iron rod.

The following pics are my attempt at being child fiendly. Err I mean "child friendly". The veins on the wooden carousel horse surprised me. Must have been a hot day. I love these things, just like a I love  those lauging clowns. I always think they are alive.... in fact I think this horse is.

I used three different media.

Below we have a homage to my friend Art's Fairie Tail Tree Houses.

You can see the real ones here.

I hope you don't mind but I turned off the comments so you can get more of your own work done.
It's nearly summer here. The wild flowers are out. The starlings are back. I think I must be gone.

Thank you again for looking. If you would like to see the details please click for gib.... err I mean 'big'. Please don't pull their ears though.....

Oh, and here's some pics of me making frames last year in our house. You can see I get more paint on me than on the frames :). I'm lying under the table lining things up. The table is an old glass one - so you can see whether the painting is in the right place. The table is no longer with us. Soon after I received a commission for a big tryptich - and with the money bought a massive twelve seater job made of mango wood.

I like painting :) It's fun.

Lastly, if you are looking for a good, really reliable, horribly honest, remarkably handsome, incredibly expensive, yet wonderouslingling sane illustrator - then I'm your man.... (see below)