Aug 18, 2011

A Book of Paintings

Oh dear, sorry to be away so long.

I've been getting ready for our next show here in Newcastle (painting framing getting invites done blahblah :) ) and part of the preparations have been to get this book of my paintings organised.

It's 196 pages approx and I had to go through all my old computers and notes to track down images and find out who bought the paintings for the providence and the sizes and the.... so my brain is swollen :)

Just like Newcastle, the place where I do most of my paintings. Swollen in a bad way, we're busy pulling down our history so we can build as many apartment blocks as possible. But hey, that's progress.

And in a way, that's what the book is about. Recording the place as it once was, before the 'swell' of development overwhelmed the town.

I have no idea how it will print out as I'm still waiting for the 'galleys'. I'd be honoured if you have a look if you have the time. There's even some pics of my ugly head in it. I will photoshop someone else's head on for a later edition. I'll be catching up soon, promise.

I have designed it for people who collect my work here in Newcastle.

Below is a double page spread from the book (note the gutter you have to fiddle with the image at the gutter!) and some invites to the show.

thank you for looking :)


  1. Wow, this looks so great! I really love your paintings!, the style, the strokes, the motifs, the colors... all make me happy just looking at them :-)

  2. Hey Andrew! I love your bee sting story :o) Wow! You have been one busy guy! You did a masterful job constructing the book! Love the smattering of photos throughout, especially the pics courtesy of Jennifer Finnie :o) I’m happy to say that I went through all 196 pages....TWICE! Your Watt Street series is my favorite! Fantabulous!!! You are not only one busy guy, but you are one talented guy! I like how you subtly worked in the “swollen” IF topic. You are not only one busy guy and one talented guy, but you are also one clever guy :o)

  3. Looking forward to going through the book when I can savour the impressions it leaves. Yr. comment re: change and progress really rings a bell. Here in Toronto, I always look for impressions buildings leave behind - brickshadows of removed buildings on walls of their former neighbours, worn away painted advertisements, rebuilds that swallow all but the skeleton/facade of their victim building - and slowly folks have been going through the city archives to document this in books as well.
    I'll be back when I've had time to go through, and meanwhile good luck with all the mad preparations. Don't forget to enjoy the show!

  4. I told you a long time ago that your digital art would never be beyond your easel paintings (canvas and brushes) I already know that some will say better close my mouth, my mouth opens, unfortunately (for me, most the time)
    Thank you for showing me the negative space! :)

  5. The book is wonderful- feel like I walked the streets and shores of Newcastle. You are so right about "your backyard" I came to my husbands backyard twenty years ago and still love illustrating it!

  6. Ok, so I felt a real "need" to buy your book, like a burning need to own it, though what I really "need" is a signed copy ;). However, after checking out the price and blushing at my lack of funds I decided that maybe I would have to do with out it.
    It is soooooooooooooo beautiful Andrew. I love seeing all your paintings in once place and you did a great job putting it all together. I think there are several that I have never seen.
    I've missed "seeing" you lately, now I know why you have been so absent. You must have been working at all hours. So, I'm going to need your help/opinions on a project soon, so let me know when things let up and you have a little time, will you?

  7. Awesome. I'm feeling guilty and abashed that I just don't have your energy, but I guess I should leave my own hangups out of it and just stick with the awed and inspired feelings you've generated in me today. The only suggestion I would make to the book is get rid of "the end". It's only the end of the book, and obviously we can all expect more wonders out of you in the future. Simply wonderful. Congratulations!!!

  8. Your paintings are beautiful, yet strikingly different from your digital work. Are you sure you are not actually two people? That would explain a lot.

    The book design is quite elegant too. That makes three people. And each of them equally talented!

  9. Dear Andrew, I can't believe my eyes! What a great and beautiful surprise! I didn't know you paint... This book is a treasure, keeping so many hours of hard work, inspiration and love - towards your town, towards painting! Lovely use of colours and oh, what incredible warm nuances of blue you use (have in mind that this is not my favourite colour at all!)!!
    I'm more than sure that after the busy days of preparing for the exhibition you'll have days full of joy, meeting people, who'll admire and value your art! GOOD LUCK and be happy!!!
    P.S. It's so nice to see you among your paintings,so, please, keep your photos for the next edition, don't leave the laurels to someone else!:O)

  10. Janne, thank you. And it makes me happy that you like them :) :) I hope you are well and not visiting too many countries!

  11. Hahaha Jack, yes I think my tongue has been swollen from telling little white lies, as well as my lips. At least you know the one amazing step that you can take to look like a Zulu warrior! (well in the lips department anyway)

    Thanks for looking at my book and your kind words. Twice :) :) And thanks for picking out some favourites. I think those paintings scumbled really well - gives good glow in the sky - I was lucky for those few weeks.

    see you soon I hope

  12. Thank you Ahaviews! Ahh I have been complaining for ages, but that is progress eh :) I love looking at places people have lived a few hundred years ago and see the wear on the steps, or the smoothness of a rock where they washed their clothes, or the place they rested their hands while looking out of the window at a window seat and the skin acid has smoothed the limestone where they rested their fingers in the sunshine...

    oh scary isn't, we just leave behind shadows, that's all...

  13. Aha Roberto, ahh for a Spanish speaker your anglais is very magnificent. yes thank you I appreciate your honesty! My digital work is sterile and my paintings get under my fingernails and therefore are less sterile. Ahh I would drive you nuts I always leave the brush hairs stuck in the paint :) In fact I drive myself nuts! Ahh the negative space is importnat though I admit to horror vacuii

    the weather here is raining with intermittent puddles and there is a seige down the road

  14. Julia, well I just meandered around your last post and saw your trip. It's a wonderful thing the net , how we can live other's life vicariously, Thank you for looking at my work

  15. Karen!! Ahh we had a great night the other night I have to tell you about it! :) Ahh I am in smokers and grill heaven Heh. Thank you for liking the book! Ahh oh I just made it ridiculously expensive till I see what need to be fixed (like colours and things) but I couldn't make it not for sale as they make you put a price on it. Still, as you know Blurb is very dear anyway. When it's all sorted out I'll let you know thankyou. I won't be adding anything on to the book as it's just a way of getting my work out there before I 'cark" it :) (Cark means dies in australia)

    I'm so glad you are working on a project and yes I'd love to see it when you would like to show it! I imagine it will be wonderous :)

  16. Linda :) aw shucks, thank you so very much. I really appreciate the advice on the 'end' actually I was going to have a quote by Somerset Maugham
    "Dying is a very dull, dreary affair. And my advice to you is to have nothing whatever to do with it." but I thought it was a bit too soon (hope it is anyway :) )

    Oh I have been enjoying your work for a long time and I can tell you you have nothing to feel guilty about! I'm sorry I am out of circulation for so long.... be back into the fray soon :)

  17. Leah, thank you > I would love to see one of your work out and about, I think you deserve to put it out there. Thank you for liking the book design, I ummed and arghed a lot with the differnt background colours, most books of paintings just have a white background, so it was a little risky. I hope it works okay.

    see you in medieval patina land :)

  18. Elizabeth, you know, every time I see a newspaper I want to paint all over it thanks to your wonderful paintings using it as visual texture. I saw an altered book the other day, used as a painters sketchbook, reminded me of your work as well

  19. Rossi- cheeka :) Hey, how is your holiday :) Oh I hope you have had a fine rest,! Thanks for looking at my work. Ah yes, I try to be a painter - I need to spend more time doing it. You can get good exercises do ing it, more so than sitting at a computer. I'm glad you like the blues. One day I need to do a blue painting to see how they all sing together (or not sing :) )

    Heh, I wish I had a better head to put in my book, but that's life eh? At least I was born with four limbs two ears etc (and only one knows) !

    see you I am going to fly my kite !:)

  20. Well well, how 'dya like 'em pears, eh? I haven't seen a pair so swell... heheh.

    You just keep showing proof to be some kind of a Renaissance man, my friend. Is there anything you can't do? (bet you can't reach you ear with an arm over your head like I do!)

    But serrioussly, you rock! (As Jack would say). All the bestesttesttest of luck on that upcoming show!


  21. Okay, I have GOT to tell you how stunning this site looks. I know you're in a different zone and probably fast asleep, but it's important that you get my comment Right Now. This work you're doing is amazing. I love this! I wish I could go to Newcastle! But I just got back from someplace else and the dog would be upset. Who does she think she is?

  22. "I will photoshop someone else's head on for a later edition"

    Andrew <3 :)))))

    so i was right about you.
    you, my grandewitch, and i (oh, yes, me) are the coolest.
    haha :D

  23. congrats and oh <3 means a little heart, just so you know.

  24. Oh, boy, you surprised me!! I have not seen your any other work but digital and now, my mouth stay open ....(what does not look really very well + it is danger because of many wasps flying around my fig tree)
    Good work, different from your digital stuff. Congratulations! I was leafing through your book , and leafing and leafing and I forgot time, time to feed my sheep......:)
    (I hope she forgives me)

    BTW ,nice header!

    This evening I will raise a glass of wine (or more) for your book! I wish you every succes ( I have got very good bottle!!)

  25. Did I mention that I love your banner?!!

  26. The book looks great. Congratulations, Andrew!!!

  27. Hey andrew you can really paint like a real painter and you've painted a lot uh really a lot and your head is not that ugly really i mean you don't need to change yourself and oh i got a lot to tell you but bedtime's near 10 more minutes i got and you are the first to see how's it going and now i've to read your summer posts cos i was lazy and forgot to blog my life cos typing till now seemed not to be that interesting for me and see i'm back to school and have to write my essay of my summer and that was i don't know anyway i saw you with my gifts and you made me very very happy cos it's like we are almost friends not just letter friends but it's you and thse gizmos in your hand were made by me and they are in australia and im here in hungary so see you later have to go to bed gonna finish your album tomarrow after school and i'll tell you which ones i like the most and maybe i might show you some paintings of mine too i don't know see you and bye bye

  28. Greetings Amalia, well pairs, pears, heh :) it's no use making me laugh :) in fact I think I might spend a year painting pears, they have an interesting roundness ! I think it's the negative shape that gets me though. Renaissance man who cannot spell :) that's me. Did I tell you I play the flute and sax? I am so good with the sax I can make the dogs in the next suburb howl - I kid you not. :) I hope you are well. Sorry to be so tardy with my response I just haven't had any free time till now.... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)

    thank you for your well wishes

  29. Heh Chris, oh of all the blogs I visit I must say that yours is the wittiestestest! I always crack up - how you make the extraordinary out of the ordinary. Thank you for your well wishes and kindness! Hello to the dog too!

  30. David, thanks :) I am looking forward to seeing a book of your faeries on the book shelves !

  31. mita :) ahh, well I am honoured to have the small heart. I am glad you explained - as you know I am a ludite in somethings ..... (most things) Heh, I am thinking of sticking the newspaper article up but they gave me a head like a water melon. I think I will stick that guy from the goodfather on top of my head (brando of course :) ) I'm glad you are well by the way

  32. art is joken .... ahh you too make me laugh, not just because you are talented or your strange creations.. thank you for your well wishes. I linked to your photo blog in my next post. I hope you do not mind?

    see you from oy ..... er oz

  33. Chris, thank you - ahh the clowns with the fingers in their ears? I did it on a scrap of paper many years ago for fun. It keeps coming back to haunt me :) A wonderful collector of my work really would like to own it - but I am not sure of it's longevity - that will teach me. Better than painting oils on cardboard though :)

  34. Ana :) thank you. I am glad that you are posting more now. I hope everything is settling down.

  35. Greetings LiLi! What a pleasure it is to hear from you. I was worried when you fell off the map! Ahh I treasure those wonderous gifts you sent me thankyou. Whoever I show them too, they are always very impressed! Heh, you made me laugh with "and your head is not that ugly really". I don't mind getting old, its the dying part which is the rotten thing! as the writer somerset maugham said "Dying is a very dull, dreary affair. And my advice to you is to have nothing whatever to do with it."

    take care

    greetings to Hungry :)

  36. Andrew, thanks for stopping by. I deserve an absolute thrashing for not leaving a comment sooner regarding your painting exhibition. I poured through the post and your book the day it was posted, and put off commenting until I had time to write something thoughtful, and then school started (I'm a substitute teacher) and everything went to hell in a handbasket. I know we're all just online pen pals, but I was so excited for you and your lovely work. I was telling some friends about it, and they inquired, "Now where is this artist?" I answered, "Australia!" to a mixed reaction. Some people don't understand the camaraderie that develops among bloggers, but they're missing out, aren't they? Anyway, a belated toast to your beautiful work...I hope to post a link to it soon, for the lovely souls that wander by my place...

  37. Sarah! Hey, you don't deserve a thrashing at all! I am so honoured that you liked my book - and that you told your friends about. Thank you! I would love it if you put a link to it :)

    Ahh, yes there is a time and place for everything. The thing to do is to make images/paintings to express ourselves, blogging encourages us, but it also eats our time. I can see people cracking up all the time from guilt, often I don't post because I know I don't have the time to visit people and so I hide :) There has to be a balance - but I think that all this new fangled stuff :) needs some practice to integrate it successfully into our lives...

    thank you for posting all those links to those artists on your blog. I am going to enjoy them immensely. :)

    cheers from oz!

  38. Hi, Andrew!
    I love your paintings, they are so refreshing! So far the book looks great, what a good idea! I see your exhibit is about to finish, I hope all Australia was there to see your work!

  39. Wanda! Thank you you are very kind :) Oh we had about six hundred people come through - which is only half the population :) ! They are the people with good taste and style of course ;) see you!


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