Feb 27, 2011

A Schwarm of Eschers

A puddle of penguins.
An elequant of elephants.
A schwarm of Eschers?
Sometimes I think I am nuts.

Thanks to Linda Hensely, who posted an Escher work on her blog on Feb 18th. One with a fish. You can see my version second last image here. Thanks for looking :) Hope your day is grande!


  1. This is one sustained visually orgasmic experience!!! The third image remind me of the soft palette. Ooh! I am now tonguing my soft palette. This is truly wonderful. I am quivering with delight!!! Yes!

  2. See how excited I was. I can't speak properlsyly. I meant to say the tird image remindS me of , I have completely forgotten what to say.

  3. ACK! Dammit! I can't type either. Never mind. This is wonderful. Thsnk you.

  4. Hehe Ces, you make me laugh thank you. I am off for the run I should have had at Sunrise (it's now 9.44 talk about slack) see you soon :)

    Did you know that even Jack makes spelling mistakes :)

  5. Awesome, Andrew. Like MCE!
    Do you know, he made drawings for some notes (money) that were never used?
    I'll be back!!
    MCE makes me crazy up is down and down is up!
    the water goes up, where, must come down!!
    Inside is out!
    I come back? ... or I never will I go?
    I love the world of MCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ahhhh, excellent, fabulous, wonderful, creative, I'm trying to use descriptive words that won't make you feel like expensive lotion, lol, ;o Poor Bella must have thought that I'd had one too many Cab Sav's, unfortunately it was not from over imbibing in yummy wine, just hours of mind numbing work... uh oh, just realized that I still haven't sent you my questions! so sorry, I'm not slacking, only drowning at the moment...throw me a life raft will you? or one of those little round floats, or a surfboard if you have a spare, anything to keep me from going down in a pile of rubbish...
    On and I really love the fishy one near the bottom too.

  7. wow, Andrew!
    fantastic sequel! is amazing and crazy!
    Escher merits a study like this!
    is like a dream!
    Regards and good week! =]

  8. Yes, dear Andrew,
    "without madness there would be no art" and I also believe in the madness of the audience ... .. it's all set in and around a glass ball in us,
    beautiful sensitive work
    watching not exceed the limit of madness !!!....
    viele herzliche Grüße von Jasmin

  9. well, Andrew, there are so many excessively positive comments and glorifications on your Eschers post that now is the time to write the truth:
    :) :)
    Doc 27 is good one. I like it most of all. Do not ask me why. This one catched my attention. Have a nice day!

  10. Andrew great works, really great,
    the last one imagine is so beautifull and remaind me an the paint of James Ensor...
    you are fantastic

  11. magistral,me dejas con la boca abierta, saludos

  12. Wow. Like really, wow. I'm so impressed with you. Time to pack up my pencils and paint and retreat to a quiet corner because I'm in awe :) Glad I could spark such inspiration with my Escher post!

  13. hey.
    you are blowing my mind.
    look at this: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-E2or6SFlJ8Y/TWqpWnDJsiI/AAAAAAAAEP8/cDBayj3pijU/s1600/Doc26.gif
    i want to get lost in this and disappear.

  14. Wowww, this is so strange and surreal, I can definitely see the Escher inspiration here. I love how some of these are like staring through a fish-eye lens. Oh and the perspectives are so creative too!

  15. Hya Andrew!! This is so cool. I felt like I was walking through rooms in Escher’s dream! I love the way you used the arches and brick and columns... I kept clicking and zooming...I never wanted it to end... but then it did with such a wonderfully contrasted image. What a visual treat. Thanks for the surreal trip... wow that was extra special. Take care my fiend.... er I mean friend hehehe these crazy typos :o)

  16. There is a fine line between genius and madness. You are walking that line my friend!
    It's a trippy experience being inside the fabulously phenomenal Finnie world. One that no one can resist!
    M u s t g o b a c k ... ;)

  17. Wooooow!!! What a powerful and awesome work, Andrew!!!!!!

  18. Oh THERE you are! Thank goodness. I've been wandering your hallways for hours, perhaps years! A gal sure can get lost in there. Mr. Finnie, you need to post signs on the walls for tourists, seriously. Holy mother of Escher, is this cool or WHAT?! I think this would have made Mr. E's head explode, don't you? Ooh, and I love groined vaults. I think that's how I got lost. I kept walking with my head up to the ceiling. Perhaps it would have helped if I wore two pairs of glasses like your fellow there. Okay! Got my two-pair. I'm a-going back in. Call the troops if you don't hear from me by next week.

    Oh, by the way, I love your fish! Have you ever seen the movie Big Fish?

  19. Gloriously insane. I love collective nouns and I think that "a schwarm of Eschers" should be added to the lexicon.

  20. Oh, no doubt about it--completely nuts. But what a glorious nuts it is. Love the pictures!

  21. Andrew, you see the truth in my drawings!
    Yeah, yeah. the naked woman is an idealization of my wife.
    (35 years of marriage and still I could not see her naked! you can believe that?) (she is very shy)
    Obviously, the three trees,...ehemmm... erected, (sorry prudish ladies) are mmmmmmm (you know what)
    I do not know why she is weaving, perhaps it is because my wife knit me a sweater this past winter?
    Well, I do not know.
    Really now, I'm making roast beef for my daughter, you know she is going to another country, in which there is not good meat for grilling.
    Well hopefully tomorrow will be a good Saturday.
    Until tomorrow! :)))))

  22. Oh, noooo!
    My wife says the worst thing someone can say about a picture,(or a drawing) is that the drawing is nice ... drawings and paintings are not nice. (she's right, right?. Nice is a puppy. a chair. Now I'm wondering if my drawings are not a puppy.????!!!!!

  23. There is a difference between learning the trade, techniques, for example, i.e. how to shade, how to layer the pigments, how to draw the human body in realistic form... from someone who displays an unmade bed with dirty underwear and call it art or someone urinating on a crucifix and calling it art then gets funded by the National Endowment for the Arts.

  24. Andrew, this is really nice!

  25. Ohhhhhhh...where do I turn, where do I turn, oh Andrew..guide me through this amazing maze of awesomeness, ok?! You are a master!!! I think I got lost in the columns..and then in and about focusing on your character and the orb itself. Master, I say! You know how to put the wow in your pieces and this is super to see how you can stretch our views of your already fabulous work. Goodness too, the illustration of the boy and the fish...it is a wonderful piece. How do you make trees eerie? Well, just ask Mr. Finnie..he knows how. Glad that my little world has a feeling of old children's books..I think we could make a good team..your work is the yin to my yang. : )

  26. Hehehhehe! Aaaaahhhhh! Gotcha! Noooo, not meant to hurt you. It was suppose to make you laugh! On Being Existentially Facetious!

    just like being inside of a dream, love it. You have made Escher's world your own (I really like the colours you use and texture of the walls).
    When I see some Escher's work I always think of Jim Henson's Labyrinth...I think most people who was born in the eighties can`t help it XD
    Que tengas un día genial también.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. martinealison said...
    Wouhaou!!! Cela me rappelle un peu ce que j'arrivais à apercevoir lorsque je m'étais retrouvée en réanimation durant de longs jours lorsque j'essayais d'entrouvrir les yeux...
    Très bon travail...
    Dans la dernière illustration, j'adore le travail des arbres avec ses branches qui sont pour moi des bras aux longs doigts. J'aime les arbres, souvent je les enlace en posant ma face tout contre leur tronc et là je ferme les yeux... quel bien-être!!! Avez-vous essayé...
    Voilà c'est fait, vous allez dire que je suis une folle, n'est-ce pas?...
    Gros bisous à vous et encore une fois EXCELLENT!

  30. Hey it is FANTASTIC!!
    just like being inside of a dream, love it. You have made Escher's world your own (I really like the colours you use and texture of the walls).

  31. Wow, I'm dizzy! I think I need a valium! Quite vertiguous, I must say. I really love that last one.

  32. WOW, this is amazing. Your work is filled with such detail and thought. I would love to peek inside that brain of yours!
    well, i also must say thank you so very much for your visit and your kinds words! they mean a lot to me!!!!!!!!!
    I love the 2nd to last one, there, xo

  33. Actually this looks pretty much like the inside of my head when I´m REALLY stressed. How did you know that? Hm.

  34. why would someone copy paste my comment?
    I come back for a visit to the schwarm of Eschers again :)

  35. then you are gonna be a hundred really soon...are you throwing a party? :D
    The Roaring Twenties were the best ♥

  36. Wow! A modern Escher, cool. Thanks for joining my art blog too.

  37. Is this how it feels when you've popped too many Vicodins all at once? Well, I feel high with each *clickforbig*...and I'm beginning to hear muffled echoes too, is that normal?

    Wow, I think you may have invented a safer way to experience drug use... minus the cops showing at your door! :)

    Brava, Monsieur. Super work.

  38. Thanks, Andrew, I can only tell you that in my country we have worst film actors. (They could make a Tyrannosaurus Rex achieve feel shame).
    Translation: Have a good time

  39. Andrew, I think I should not come so often to your blog, you told me about the ball of red wool and MCE. in my artwork!
    Could it be that by looking at your pictures they are engraved in my mind?
    Oh, it's a shame for me.
    I'm sorry.
    But in the boxes with the faces in, I really do not see a MCE. You know I like the compositions in which there are repeating elements. And the red ball of wool is because my wife always tells me of a Chinese legend that talks about that we are all united by a red thread, and bla bla bla.
    Until the month of May!

  40. wonderfully dreamy
    i feel as though i stepped into
    floating spheres of reflections every where

  41. Oh, I think today is my lucky day. I think I'm the last to leave you a comment before your next post! I love being the last to leave comments!

  42. Andrew, have you seen this?


    Have a nice week!

  43. this is at once fascinating and nightmarish... pulls in various divergent emotions from the viewer.
    very nice.

  44. I thought you are gone, Mr. R!!


  45. I know I do not behave polite but I can not leave it to tease you...I am sorry! :)

  46. Oh, Mr. Finnie, this is so wonderful, full of wonderment, beautiful, full of beauty, I want it all. I love this!

  47. Hola Lindo, me encantan tus laberintos de formas... pero hace rato que no te veo...¿.?

    Cariñosos saluditos.


  48. Hi, I watched the video/bank commercial... (blog of Mr. R) Made me cry. Just amazing.

  49. hellooo
    where were you? did you get lost inside the labyrinth? It's a great place to get lost anyway :D
    I'm not sure if adding 2D characters to 3D creates an enigma...I just like to put them in original stills from the movie. It gives me an excuse to watch some movie scenes again and again till I find the perfect place to bring them back to the world again... maybe it's a bit silly but it kind of makes me happy :)

  50. Are all these images imaginary or real? I cannot make the difference! I have the feeling that this world's existing, but only you have an access to it... You are a magician! You have the highest possible Master Degree of Illusion, Lighting, Perspective... I'm always fascinated while being your guest, Andrew!:)


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