Nov 7, 2010

The Joy of Procrastination (and the pitfalls of vanity).

Well I shouldn't be posting this, so don't tell anyone :)

Oops sa daisy -is what we Australians say when we drop babies in the bath (on their heads). Or pour Brand A champagne into somebodys' glass which already contains Brand 'B' champagne. 'Brand B' typically being expensive French champagne.

So oops sa daisy.

Oops sa daisy - I spent some money and rented a domain name - silly me. Google was busy translating my blog for the last three days and just took me off line basically - I am very sorry. Plus I almost lost my treasured list of crazy good artists - :). Bloody bum damn as we say here when we need to swear. Aaaaaaaaargh!

So this is the second time I have posted this post. Thank you Denise and Martine for commenting on my first attempt. And thank you to everyone who wrote and asked me what happened to the blog.... I appreciate your concern very much.

After a few days off line I now have a shiny new domain name which I can't use.
Handy eh?
Well it was cheap (ten dollars) and Google said it translated my blog over automatically.
And it was all true.
My blog got automatically sent to a page that said "This blog does not exist."
Now that's automatic. :)

So today after reading the help section of Google Apps and dissecting the  haunting cries of similar users like myself asking for help (they end their questions with 'is anybody there'? - and usually get no answer) I automatically manually reset my blog address back to boring old 'andrewfinnie.blogspot'.

But at least my new domain name won't get worn out. :( And I have the option of automatic renewell. Easy peasy. 
Okay, I have a silly joke for you.
Q: Why are pirates, pirates?
A: Just because they "aaaaaaaaarrrr."

Oh I am still on holidays.... last week I  even did "Racing' for illustration Friday but cured my blog addiction and did not post it.  How good am I? (not very).

That's been my life really. A series of addictions. First cigarettes, then doritos (see footnote), then wild women (I never talked to them - only smiled mysteriously while batting my eyelashes), then alcohol (I never swallowed), then collecting art books (I always paid for them and never dog eared them) - and  now blog addiction (I never spelled a word incorrectly)!

So now I have landed on my metaphysical feet - on blogaholidays. But where?

Am I in the south of France? (I wish) Am I writing the last miraculously Hemmingwayish chapter in a massive bestselling tome? (I wish) Am I fearlessly ripping apart a barrel at Chowpoo in Tahiti on my backhand while wearing aqualungs in case I wipeout? (I wish).

Or am I sitting at my work desk, contemplating my navel and watching my six pack become a 'one' pack?(I unwish)

Yes, you guessed correctly.

But last week, while in the violent throes of procrastination, I made a video (see top of this post) of  my last year's work. It's kind of like the portfolio you have when you are not having one. It's like having a cheese sandwich sans fromage; or having a car without having any petrol, or having a t- bone steak and having no teeth ...

Well toothless or not, I'd be honoured if you watch the video. It's ridiculously fast (unlike me) and, like a Victorian era woman's ankle,  just gives you a glimpse.

So at just over eleven minutes at  1.08 seconds per image that's about  err - a lot of images. And I left out some (I forgot about them). Which is probably lucky. (there was a man in tight underpants who is very upset, and some medieval Japanese villages which would be upset if they had feelings) .

If you watch the video in  HD it's probably easier on the eyes.
Direct link is here.

Thank-you so much to everyone who commented on that last post. You are very very kind to me.

Oh Oh las banderitas en mi imagen. Se supone que traducir. Espero que ellos están trabajando. Nos vemos cuando llegue a la Tierra de Oz! Saludos.  (Oh the flags under my pic. They are supposed to translate. I hope they are working. See you when I get back from the land of Oz)


Andrew :)

PS when I posted this google must have picked up 'addiction' and 'marijuana' in the text. So I now have an advertisement in my posting box for a Dr Harry's Drug Treatment Clinic.

 Thankyou Google......

PpS these were my illustrations for "racing'. The genesis is from a childhood book of my grandmother's, then my mother's, book of Nursery Rhymes. The original imageshows a pumpkin carriage being drawn by a train of mice.

Footnote: just kidding about the addictions. The only thing I am addicted to is Hercule Poirot's shoes.


  1. hello, thank you, sevrithing alright here????

  2. You're back!! Now I don't have to die of apoplexy! Love your video so much! Your world is where I go to escape my world.Thanks!

  3. Oh lets try that again (oops sa daisy) Mita ahh I am finally on thankyou


    I was gargled by google and gurgled. You know when you have a general anaethetic and it all goes black?

    I hope you are well as well. I see by your art that you are.

  4. Ldahl! Hi! Long time no see :)
    Thank you for getting in touch with me - I appreciate that. And thanks for watching the video!

    I'm just off to look up apoplexy :)
    I think I just had a few days of it myself ;) :)

  5. hey, I was wondering what was going on. I'm happy I can finally visit the blog again instead of the annoying "This blog does not exist" page.
    Watching the video is like visiting a new land full of wonders (makes me feel like Alice a bit haha). The music makes me think of medieval adventures, great choice.
    Enjoy your holidays :)

  6. Okay. I am glad you are back. Ah. I saw this video. Amazing body. Of work. I mean. Ah Mr. Finnie, I wish these techie stuff are easy to deal with, but they always bum me out. That's probably why I have not drawn anything with my Wacom Bamboo.. I actually forget I have it but today I used it and got so frustrated with PhotoShop. See? So basic to you probably.

    I like your joke! That is a cute one.

    Okay. As you were.

  7. Horror of horrors has captured my attention now. I hope we get to see more of the nightmare.

  8. thank you thank you thank you.
    thank you thank you thank you.
    thank you thank you thank you.
    thank you thank you thank you.
    thank you thank you thank you.
    thank you thank you thank you.
    thank you thank you thank you.
    thank you thank you thank you.

    be back later.

  9. fantasticcccccccccccc

    I'm in love with your world!

  10. Glad you're back. Just don't touch that button again.

  11. glad your back. i have your nice comment from my IFspent post printed on my desk! thank you so much!!!!! i did think you were somewhere exotic...but, i do agree a blogholiday is in order every once in awhile...blogging is addicting. thank you again. xxx
    now i will go watch your video!

  12. Well Andrew, I survived the video, ha ha!
    (Just kidding eh)

    Loreena McKennitt section is my favorite.
    I do not know what happened but the minute 8.32. with characters beautifully psychedelic (not to mention addiction) I could not continue to watch the video.
    I'll try again.
    a hug.

  13. Hi Andrew,
    Et alors!!! Quand on est en vacances on y reste!!!
    Navrée pour les ennuis dus à google et votre nouvel hébergement...
    Vous seriez tellement mieux dans le midi de ma France!!!

  14. Again me!!
    I reached the end of the video!. (I guess the applause is for you, no?)
    (Very good. You deserve it). I joined with my left hand and my right hand (clap so it is normal. No?)
    I've seen some things I had not seen before. I do not know if I missed it or because you had not shown.
    It was a pleasure.

    It is a pleasure to click on the Spanish flag. I never would have imagined! I will continue testing with the others.!
    We're looking at.!
    Beware of the Sea Wasp!!

  15. hello im back!!
    i enjoyed watching Your-Tube :D

    speaking of domain name, i too am back to my old illustrationpoetrydotblogspotdotcom

  16. Me encantó tu super rápido video... me gustó mucho la música, me hizo pensar en un trabajo musical de Alfredo de Angelis llamado Fantasia en tango.
    Entre las cosas que surgen de el enorme baul de objetos que es mi casa encontre un adorable libro editado en 1925 por Minton, Balch & Company de NY.
    llamado Chimney Corner Stories ilustrado por Lois Lenski.
    Imaginé que toda la dificultad para acceder a tu blog era obra de una profunda y bien planeada re-ingenieria, y decidí esperar por tiempos mejores.
    Un gran saludo señor vacacionante...

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. what the hell is he thinking...

    see you in two years.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Andrew... oops sa daisy!

    ahhh... you could at least read my comment, before it disappears!
    well, the important thing is that now the
    blog is normal; I thought that some censorship/google'd cut your blog!
    haahahha ....

    then, as I said, the video is awesome!
    is great to see a fine collection of your work,
    parading in front of us.
    Well done, good music and a good time!

    Enjoy the holidays, because it is a privilege for the few!

    ps: and thanks for visiting my blog,
    even on vacation!

  21. you're back!!! I've already commented on this multiple times, so I won't run on with some repetitious comment, but I'm glad to see the blog back up! Are you finished vacationing? I woke up this morning to more work! I almost cried. I want to draw!!!!!!!!!!! I'm about to pitch a full out temper tantrum, seriously. Can you just imagine how ridiculous that would be, but there it is. I'm in need of a vacation, so that I can only draw and nothing else.

  22. Boy, you sure know how to blow people away!(not literally, I hope). I must say I had goose bumps watching your's as if I know all of your characters, like they're friends. Uncle Arthur, Doink, Brian (huh!) and even that happy looking skeleton in the cauldron. With friends like them, what else can a girl ask for? (^_^)

    Seriously, your head is like a factory! Just to think that all those images were created is one single year...makes me wonder if maybe you were dropped into some sort of bionic brain pool as a baby...that would explain the fizzy hair and super growing beard...heheh.

    Well, my salutations, my good friend. You have proven to be ingeniously productive, apart from the charms and wits that seem to be flowing out of your brain cells! :D :D :D

  23. I just got "anondiagi". Sounds like some sort of dish, no?

    Anondiagi, anyone? Medium rare of well done?


    By the way, have fun in Prawnsville!

  24. So, first, I'm glad you're back. I was worried when I got the "blog does not exist" message--but I didn't despair. Glad you fixed it!

    Second, I'm appreciative of your post. Now, I do not have to spend money on one of those expensive amusement parks. You've sent me on a wild ride with your quick wit and fertile imagination. Thanks for the belly laughs!

    Thanks for your comments on my work. They sustain me!

  25. YAY, you are BACK!

    You, sir, have a very appealing and mind-numbing Victorian ankle. Lift that skirt just a little bit higher. Please.

    Thunderous applause for your Race! That is gorgeous texture on the pumpkin, and the spirally chassis or whateveryoucallit is beautiful!

    My one-pack will match your one-pack.

  26. How nice to see you! I was so busy reading I didn't watch the vid yet. My addictions are sporadic. (and I did swallow)

    Right now: Smarties.

  27. That sounds like Kila, is it?
    back to vid.

  28. Andrew, I've got three words for you:


    I know this video has been here for a while, but I only just found it. I couldn't stop watching. I've seen your work before, but it was a thrill to see so much all in one place, moving obligingly before my eyes with an awesome soundtrack to boot. I think I'll have to drop by here more often.

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