Apr 16, 2010

Monday Artday: Friendship.

Act V, Scene VII, Line 136

"Her beauty makes
This vault a feasting presence full of light."

"The Invasion Of The Seven Paratroopers of Hell"

Well, you know......

Those times you open up a 'crappy' paperback that you found in that old cardboard box that used to belong to your aunty? And the paperback is all yellowed and cracked across the spine; and it's original price was one and ninepence; and in the frontispiece there is a quote from a 'well known literary personalty'.

And the quote is something like : "And the loaves and the fishes and, even the goldfish, blew down the backyard that chilly autumn afternoon, a dark omen of things to come, in the days before winter, just before the war that would destroy the entire universe and make everyone, even the local fish and chip shop owners, very, very unhappy...."  (Warwick Walden the Fourth Earl Of Tuddelsford.)

And you think, "hey this book sounds good," because you think, "hey, hey, hey! Warwick Walden the Fourth is being quoted on the frontispiece, so the paperback must be alright.... mustn't it?"

So you pack The Invasion Of The Seven Paratroopers of Hell in your bag for something to read at the aero-port.

 Unfortunately, at the aero-port, not only do you discover that your plane has been cancelled for nine hours because of a lock in the right manilfold engined-wart (or so a passing 'hostie' informs you), but you also discover, when you finally crack open the paperback, not only that the writer cannot write, that he is actually a master of the dronglebottom sentence.

Of course, as we all know, a dronglebottom sentence, is the sentence that never ends, yet never starts, yet seems to have no subject, yet dwells on the passive tense, as if being passive were the most important thing in the known universe bar breathing. Yet....


Well, getting back to the Warwick Walden the Fourth quote.

It's a well known fact that, throwing in a twist of Shakespeare, or Walden, or Thackery at the beginning of a book gives you something called 'resonance'.
Having an important sounding quote on the frontispiece, is like standing next to the last Pope at a public gathering. Being associated with the quote (or the Pope) makes you look important - especially if you are a pseudo literary type.

So what's this have to do with the Pope?

Well, I think you already guessed.....

For my illustration for Monday Artday "Friendship", I thought I would throw in some resonance. So, in the manner of the best pseudo literary types I googled Shakespeare. (thankfully the chap who invented "Google' didn't call it 'Goose' or , even worse, 'Roger')

Well.... specifically I yahooed 'Love's Labours Lost' - because I thought, now, "Loves Labours Lost", that's a kind of morbid title, seems sad, yet happy, yet morose. I wanted to show the boy in my picture with his girl on one panel, and then that same boy without the girl on the next. The idea being that the loss of love, or friendship just underlines how valuable love and friendship really is to the human psyche.

But unfortunately I couldn't find anything at all on "Loves Labours Lost' that seemed remotely usable.

So the above quote about 'feasting presence' isn't from LLL at all.

In the end I had to settle for something short and sweet from that sissy play: 'Romeo and Juliette'.... Her beauty makes, This vault a feasting presence full of light.

Well, you have to admit, it sounds pretty good. I mean it had the word 'light' in it, and so did my picture - which was lucky. So, today's resonance comes courtesy of Will Shakespeare, penman extra-ordinaire, but a bit of a sissy play writer.....
And you'll also be pleased to know, I was lucky enough to find a quote about 'boxes' as well. You never know when you are going to need a good 'box' quote, do you?

Thankyou for looking.

By the way, as this post is about "Friendship', I'd like to dedicate it to all my friends here. Thankyou for visiting - again :)


Beautiful tyrant! fiend angelical!

(Ah, at last, the promised box quote:) 'A beggarly account of empty boxes.'


  1. Really nice, Andrew — love the "glazed" texture on the final piece (and the lighting, and the colour, of course!). Best of all is reading your story and describing the airline gals as "hosties" — o man, that would raise an eyebrow over here! Ha ha!

  2. I love visiting your blog, no telling what I'll find. I know I haven't commented in awhile, resting on my laurels as it were, and as they kept poking me, I've not felt like squeaking my half formulated thoughts around decent folks.
    Now on to your beautiful jewels nestled here...
    Beautiful tyrant! fiend angelical! Lovely!!!
    Words and works, a tasty feast! Well done Andrew!

  3. Hya Justin and LDahl (might have to call you 'L' for short?)

    Thanks for reading my stuff.... "hosties' I think we called them in the seventies, but I still call 'actresses', actresses, it's weird how different cultures have different tabboos, well not weird at all :) It's like the "vee' signal for victory can also be taboo in some places

    "L", it's good that you are quite. It means that you are producing art? !

    You know those quotes are R and J, not mine, but they look good on the resume....

    see you

  4. Hey Andrew my friend! There is only on word for this compilation of artwork.... Wow!! Wow!! oops that was 2 words... :o) Great stuff. Love the lighting and Mood. This labour was definately not lost. Love it!!

  5. Hi Andrew! I love this! There's a real softness happening here...really love the depth in your work...it's like a window to another world! :)

  6. ooooooh, I love the second one, and the final piece. Soooooooooooo wonderful and creative.

  7. this is very nice..
    im wondering... are they orphans?

  8. ok im done with the print screen.
    keep it for yourself.

    love the Act V, Scene VII, Line 136.
    have a nice day, as we say in Tír na nÓg.


  9. Ahh finally dragged myself away from the Waacom... it has a large gap at the top which you have to be careful of... where the scroll part is. It's just the right size to catch the tip of your little finger... in fact the fireman told me he was the third case he'd had this week.... a little olive oil made a huge difference. He also oiled my keyboard for me.

    It goes mush better nowz....

  10. But seriously, hello Jack and Karen and Cally Jane! Thanks for stopping by and being kind enough to look and comment. You know it makes a great deal of difference.

    But be prepared... today for me is 'visiting day'.

    And Mita, I have my PrtScr button ready.... :)

    see you as soon as I can

  11. By the way thanks for telling me which ones you like best!

  12. Trying to follow the twist and turns of your thinking make me dizzy. But it's a fun ride!

    What a poignant piece this is. Seeing the little boy in a warm embrace...and then to see his arms empty, and his mind trying to recapture the feeling of that embrace....well, it tugs at the heart, ya know? Love the lighting, Andrew. And I love seeing all the renditions of this.

  13. Something different... very sweet, I still feel like I'm dreaming it all though...


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