Nov 10, 2018

Ah it's been so long I had to read the destructions!

Some beefcake - not my thing really, but I need to leave him here...


  1. Mr. Finnie! So lovely to see you again. My, yes, he is quite dreamy. Something about those eyes. He could definitely sell me some life insurance. What is the point, I wonder -- no pun intended -- on downward-pointing horns. Personal shoulder massages?

  2. I doubt I'd buy his life insurance, but I'm laughing at Bella's comment. Nice to see you putting a post here :)

  3. he is not himself but what is he I really don't know....
    good point Bella: these horns are meant to demolish and to push away the opposer...

    I hope you are having good time, Andrew. Almost again one year older ;) happy new year :)

  4. Thank you so much for the detailed article

  5. Bonjour cher Andrew,

    Oh ! Quel personnage !
    Je pense que je pourrais aller dans les quartiers les plus sombres avec lui sans crainte !... sourire.

    Gros bisous ūüĆł


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