Jul 2, 2012


Yesterday we had the coldest day in several years here. It was so cold I had to get down my winter board shorts and pull out my thick rubber thongs. We even closed some of the windows to keep the chill air out. And I let my Aunty Mabel, who has been staying us for more than a year, come out of the back yard and sleep in the house....... Next thing you know she'll be wanting to ride inside the car on our next trip to Sydney. Don't know what's wrong with the roof racks - but I admit it's always a problem decideing which way to strap her - face first or feet first.

Usually it comes down to what she is wearing. After all we don't want her ending up with any 'wind'. And of course we don't want to scare any of the oncoming traffic..... Besides, Darren (The guy across the road) doesn't even strap his aunty on the roof racks. He just lets her hold on by herself.

Sheesh. How mean can you be?

Thank  you so much for coming to visit me when I was 'off'. I saw the surgeon today. He said I could go back to work in two weeks.

I made this picture and put your name's up in lights as a thank you.
I know chocolates would have been much better, but they are just so, so, so very fattening.

I guess I'll just have to eat them myself....


  1. Hi Andrewwww so nice to see you again!!!
    ewally I'm happy to see you and your works.
    the pic you made with all the names is such for lovely and creative :-) really nice thank you!

    here in south switzerland it's so hot wether... summertime very hot

    a big hug and please don't desapper again

  2. So happy to see you coming out of the woodwork Andrew ;) I'm glad you are feeling a bit better. It's outrageously hot here. We had to go swimming at 8:00 am so that it wouldn't make our brains melt. Ok, just kidding. Myles and I actually just break out if the sun is too strong. It's been 105 in the afternoons and evenings here. I'm sure to you this is just a little warm. For us, it's like insanely hot. The robot is my favorite. Love him. You got him just right.

  3. Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!

    Hahhahahaahahaha, love it, just love it!

    Two more weeks and you'll be better than new. Wahooo! So good to see you posting. Ah, your tea is mighty refreshing. Better 'n Mud! BAHAHAHA! I wouldn't be surprised if your lioness soon raises her little pinky. My my, your fine china is really fine!

    Hope you find some fun ways to stay warm. ;)

  4. So happy to see you Andrew. Your art is so fine and beautiful, you should break more bones! Okay, that did not sound as well as I imagined it but what I mean to say is these are great especially if you were using your nose to draw!!!

  5. Je suis très heureuse de te lire et de savoir que tu aimes comme moi le fromage de chèvre ! Mon professeur de français me disait lorsque j'étais enfant que si j'étais fatiguée (je dormais peu et je dors toujours peu ! et il m'arrivait de piquer du nez en cours!) je devais boire du lait de chèvre !...
    Alors mon cher Andrew si tu n'es pas complètement rétabli je te conseille d'en boire des litres !... et laisse-moi les chocolats!
    Je sais que le fromage est souvent très cher à l'étranger. Aussi je te propose de venir le déguster chez moi. Mon paysan en fabrique de délicieux.
    En plus en ce moment cela t'éviterait de fermer tes volets à cause du froid, ici c'est l'été et il fait bon vivre...
    Toutefois tu aurais pu me garder une tasse de thé car j'en raffole,après tout malgré les journées chaudes, les Touarègues dans le désert boivent du thé à la menthe pour se désaltérer...
    J'aime beaucoup tes illustrations... elles me font rêver. Et voilà que je me rendors!!! sourire...
    Gros bisous à toi et merci pour tes bons mots. Léo les apprécie également !

  6. Was the chocolates good? ( I was thinking which brand you have .Is it Lindt??) I hope you have not stomach problems.
    Great to see you back here , "screw-less" , full of energy and refreshed by the famous mud tea...
    Well, I hope you missed my very clever comments as I missed your very intelligent ones!!

    (luckily I do not have to take the train again...it is fixed!!!)

  7. Refresh tea? Oooh, yes, I'd like a cup, please. They say it's better than mud, which is all we get to drink here...hehe.

    Anyway, good to see you popping back for a bit. We've all missed you. Take care! :)

  8. depends on what chocolate.
    dark chocolate has more cocoa+antioxidants, which is actually quite good for you.
    just eat it in moderation.

    it's me, andrew, someone who lives in an exotic land.
    good to see you again.
    sorry for being anonymous.

  9. Love the top illo - absolutely gorgeous!! Love the one with the three lads, & the glowing orb as well. Not sure what to make of your Aunty-baiting though (being one myself)!


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