Mar 28, 2012


           TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
 And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
          And looked down one as far as I could,
    To where it bent in the undergrowth;

"The Road Not Taken" (first stanza): Robert Frost.

Ahh, there's nothing like a good snippet of poetry to add resonance to an image, eh?
Sorry I did not type much today.
I was going to tell you how the "Swamp' was an extended metaphor for life, and that the geese were in fact you and I, and that the creek was the not a creek at all but the River Styx (Charon has nicked under the bridge for a comfort stop and discovered that it is true about trolls) and that I have tried to make it all child friendly by bumping up the saturation...
But I knew you would have already guessed that ;)  

Thanks for looking. Again :) Please feel free to click for big.....


  1. Beautiful scene Andrew. I love the colors and the perspective. The gold and the rose work well with the greens. Definitely kid friendly. I'm impressed by your ability to abstain from the macabre.

  2. Oh ! Tu as oublié de cueillir le magnifique coquelicot pour le bouquet que tu vas m'offrir !!... (Sourire)

    J'aime les oies lorsqu'elle se dandinent en remuant leur derrières ! Un petit pont charmant tout aussi charmant que le pont D'avignon où on y danse...
    Une très jolie illustration pleine de charme et de romantisme...
    gros bisous

  3. I was going to ask you if the dogs could read? I like the bribndge and now want to know what. It looks like on the other side.

  4. viele Grüße Andrew, im Himmel gibt es keine Entscheidung des Weges……frei und grenzenlos, ohne Brücken.

    ja, Andrew, wie schön die feine Malkunst und die verbundenen Gedanken und Momente des Lebens,
    ich wünsche einen schönen Tag, von Jasmin

  5. If a beautiful scenery like this could lead to the swamp, then I wonder what the swamp looks like. Seriously, I just love how tender the lights you've created here, I feel like slipping inside and just hang out with the ducks.

    Oh, could that boat has my name on it? (^_^)

  6. If that's the River Styx, what about that goose that's on the wrong side of the fence, but still on this side of the bridge? I love that poem, and love this piece. It looks like home to me.

  7. This is fantastic Andrew. You not only made it child-friendly.... you made it Jack-friendly! Love the saturation And the layout And the geese And the everything!

  8. Let's all go to the swamp! The country lane over a peaceful brook, a bucolic setting.. but are those ominous clouds in the distance? Little duckies better be careful!
    The colors are it! :)

  9. This is beautiful! Love the dimension, the shadows, & light!

  10. I like the idea of 'swamp' being a metaphor for life. It certainly does get swampy sometimes (dark and murky?) and finding your way through it is sometimes a challenge! I like the golden aura of your illo - gives it a sunny, all is well quality!

  11. Beautiful illustration,love the colors,there is something magical:)Thanks for the comment and yes it's true about the old days:)My boyfriend loved airbrishing:)

  12. The yellow of the forest is
    What makes me think you are a Wiz
    This beauty makes my brain juice fiz
    With everlasting delight.

    Love the bridge pillar knocked down
    Love the single bold poppy 's crown
    And the geese who wander away from town,
    Each one tells its own clever tale.

    Bravo, Mr. Finnie! Fantastic image, and the yellow forest does something magical to the whole thing!

  13. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh my! Wiping tears from my eyes. Thanks for that. Will go to sleep chuckling.

  14. I LOVE the GEESE! LOVE them!!! (I like the rest, too...but I just love those geese ;) )

  15. Fantastic! I really love the geese!


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