Nov 1, 2011

Where the Wild Things Are

This one for Myles. Myles is Karen Puddle of Crumb's grandson. Myles went Halloweening the other night dressed as Max.

You can read about everything on Karen's site here. Of course Myles would have looked much more handsome than this.

I'd never heard of Sendak until last year. I bought a book about his work recently. The book delves into his influences - from Blake to Laurel and Hardy. It's amazing how much he has appropriated. And all acknowledged.

So today I have appropriated Max as Myles for a brief appearance :)

Oh and good news. I just found the spell check button :) on blogger.

Sorry to make three posts in a week. It's an anomaly! I am working on this (see below) and am practicing procrastinating. So far I am getting good at it (procrastinating).

I have some great feedback on the covers to help me select them so far. Thank you so much!
It's not two books, maybe one book with two different covers :)


  1. Andrew! A very brief quick visit for me...once I regain my senses I will be back for a proper visit. I apologize for my rush...please visit my blog when you have a moment...thank you! : )

    OH, and MAX IS AWESOME!! Yay for Myles!!!

  2. Yes.....Max is totally awesome!!!
    Spell check on blogger? Do I have that? LOL
    Procrastination, eh? Seems like I've been doing a little of that myself lately!!!
    One book with two different covers sound pretty good to me....btw!!!

  3. Aaaaawwww!!!! You are such a darling friend! You are so awesome to make this in honor of Myles. So wonderful both your work and your gesture.

  4. Myles est un enfant qui peut se dire être gâté d'avoir été croqué par ton talent...
    J'ai un petit faible pour la première couverture de ton livre. Une sorte d'invitation pour ton public. Une incitation à se mettre à table pour dévorer tes oeuvres...
    Gros bisous

    Les températures sont encore douces pour la saison. Trop douces paraît-il, mais j'en suis très heureuse...

  5. OMGoodness. I was closing out the internet to go to bed and saw this! You are the most awesome-est one of all Andrew. (I'm not as good at making up words as you are ;)
    I absolutely love it!!! I can't wait tell Myles all about it tomorrow. I can't believe you did this... you really are the best. Thank you!!! Now I have to make it big and print it out for his room!!! :D

  6. AAAAAAAAAHHH!!! Hahahahahaha, this is so AWESOME! Myles-Max will be BEAMING so brightly that you'll be able to see the glow of his smile out your window. How fantastic is this!

    When we were in Tokyo, my daughter dressed up as Max for Halloween at her school one year and I was very surprised to know that many people did not know about Terrible Max and the Wild Things. I thought surely he was an international wonder. Go figure.

    Two versions of your book! Woohooo! Or you can do half right side up, half upside down and use both covers -- front and back. Hehehehe. After all, you make us all flip for your art. :)

  7. Awwww!! One of the best renderings on Max I've ever seen! You are one talented person, sir! I really enjoyed your blog...I will be back for more. ^_^

  8. Blimey! Are you on a roll here! You've been keeping extra time inside a box under your bed, haven't you? Well, maybe you should babysit for me a bit so I could go frolic outside for a change! :D :D

    Well that is one superb image, my friend! I'll bet Myles is just over the roof! You sure know how to make someone's day...

    Oh hey, I love both covers, by the way...but I reckon that one with the scarecrow stands out more, especially how the glowing light just makes :)

    PS: Been stalking the post office for them booties. Now the clerk lady is starting to give me dirty looks.

  9. This is brilliant, Andrew...I love the composition and the exuberance of Myles. What a fabulous gift this is!

  10. Where is my confetti? Streamers? Noisemakers? What? 40,000 and no hoopla? Gah! All I got was hit in the head with a flying bassoon. Was that yours???

    Reverse suck. HA! Had to think about that for a minute.

    Have a great day, Mr. Finnie!

  11. So you are the one who programmed my phone! My goodness, that blog banner is mighty creepy that it rocks! Manon thought you dyed your hair black.

  12. It must have been a huge surprise and a big joy for Myles! Such a beautiful gift!! I agree with Karen it would look great on the wall...
    Those covers for the book are just wonderful, Andrew! If it's up to me I would use both of them, so we'll have a book divided in two parts... The last page would be in fact the second first one!:0)
    I'm sorry for missing from blogging - I'm sooooooooooooooooo busy!:(

  13. Fantastic as always:)And thanks for the comment,happy you like it:)


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